Physiogel Free In My Skin Website

PHYSIOGEL launched the Free In My Skin website to provide women with helpful guidance and be able to talk about their skin journey.

Physiogel Free In My Skin Website
Physiogel Free In My Skin Website

We were asked to try the Physiogel Free In My Skin Freedom List quiz. There's a question about fitness activities. I chose "a leisure stroll at dusk". Then there's a question about dream job. At the moment I'm more focused on raising my family. We are newly weds and wanted to have kids. Another question is about showing off your beautiful, strong, sensitive skin and my answer was relaxing on the beach. Another question is about dream to do list. I answered cooking gourmet food for the family. One of my favorite questions is about the dream holiday, my answer was Ocean excursion cruising to remote islands.

The result of the provides a glimpse to one’s personality from being a savvy collaborator, inspiring innovator, charismatic motivator and elegant sophisticate. I knew the result of my quiz would be Charismatic Motivator.

It was fun answering the free in my skin survey. You too can try it and find out what kind of personality you have. You may visit the #FreeInMySkin website and Freedom List Challenge. Moreover, the Freedom List encourage women to be free from dry, sensitive skin by continuously using Physiogel products which is now available all over the country. You can choose from body lotion, cleanser and moisturizer.

I've been using Physiogel for more than a year now. My favorite is the Physiogel Cleanser. It easily removes stubborn makeup other cleanser don't. It's mild scented and leaves smooth and clean skin. Even my husband uses Physiogel and I recommend it for his sensitive skin.

Physiogel New Look


During the launch, Physiogel's new look was revealed. Of course, it still has the same formula we loved. The new Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy line continues to be a differentiated science-led solution featuring the unique Physiogel BioMimic Technology® that works to soothe and repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier. non-comedogenic,  and is free from soap, preservatives, perfumes and colourants. In fact, Physiogel is the #1 Most-Prescribed Brand by Dermatologists in the Philippines.

Do you have dry and sensitive skin? What do you do to free your skin from these problems?


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