The Best Place to Stay in Coron: Club Paradise Palawan

Coron remains to be a top destinations in the Philippines. Among the crowd's favorite are the Kayangan lake, Ciete Pecados, Maquinit hot spring, and the Twin Lagoon. Did you know there's so much to explore in Coron? One is staying in an island called Dimakya.

Kayangan Coron, Palawan

When an invitation came to visit Coron Palawan, my heart jumped to joy and excitement because it was my first time in Coron.

I fell in love in its white, fine, powdery sand that is comparable to my favorite powdered milk candy. The water that's crystal clear I could almost see the corals and limestone. We've been traveling and going to different beaches in the Philippines but never did I tried snorkeling the right way. Perhaps the beautiful sea creatures, corals and limestone are enough to boost my confidence and forget my fear of the water. Truly, it was a priceless experience.

Aerial View of Dimakya Island

Setting Foot On Coron:

Last Monday, Manila was experiencing heavy rains brought by typhoon Egay. We were looking forward to visiting Coron on Saturday morning so I was sad it needed to be rescheduled. By Thursday, our friend from TDLCI confirmed we're booked for an 8am flight to Busuanga on Saturday. I immediately went to my room and started packing my things.

Francisco Reyes-Busuanga-Airport

At NAIA terminal 3, we were relaxed waiting for PAL Express bound to Busuanga. I don't know if we're just excited but we arrived in the airport very early. Oftentimes we're rushing to the check-in counters. 😁

Warm Welcome at Club Paradise Palawan

We arrived few minutes earlier at Busuanga airport. Three friendly staff of Club Paradise Palawan were waiting outside the arrival gates. You can easily spot them holding the Club Paradise banner. My first welcome treat were lovely smiles and warm greetings. Oh, I love it when we were greeted, you know you're in for a wonderful vacation. Besides, Filipinos are known to be very hospitable.

Around the airport, you would see hills, green fields and cows. I noticed there were few trees on the mountains, I was told it's because the type of soil they have in Coron. The place was very quiet. We passed by small communities, children walking on their way to school. I did not noticed any other mode of transportation like tricycle or jeepney, only vans owned by most hotels and resorts.

De Calachiao Port
De Calachiao Port
Approaching Dimakya Island
Club Paradise Palawan
From the speed boat, I saw white linings surrounding the island. It gave me goosebumps. It was stunning! We arrived at the resort around eleven in the morning. 

Speed Boat to Club Paradise Palawan
Another friendly staff handed white and blue welcome bracelet made of shells courtesy of Club Paradise.

Welcome Bracelets from Club Paradise Palawan
Welcome Bracelets from Club Paradise Palawan
Upon arrival at the island, a beautiful lady offered cold towels to freshen our tired muscles. Not too far, another staff served a refreshing cold cucumber drink. We felt the warm welcome from the hotel manager, Mr. Joegil Escobar

Herbal towel to freshen up
Cold towels to freshen up
Warm welcome at Club Paradise Palawan

How To Get To Club Paradise

From Manila it took us about fifty-five minutes via PAL Express to Busuanga. About twenty minutes van ride from Francisco Reyes airport to De Calachiao port, an exclusive port for Club Paradise Resort and El Rio resort. Completing our land, air and sea transfers, last but not the least and the final ride before you reach this paradise is taking a private speed boat or ferry (courtesy of Club Paradise Resort) going to Dimakya Island where Club Paradise Palawan is situated.

Walking By The Beach of Club Paradise
Walking By The Beach of Club Paradise
Club Paradise Palawan Beach
Club Paradise Palawan Beach
Club Paradise was our home away from home in three days.

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Moonlight Dinner by the beach of Club Paradise Palawan
Moonlight Dinner by the beach of Club Paradise Palawan

The white, powdery, fine sands to their outstanding resort services I knew it's going to be a luxurious one. Indeed, we had an amazing time in Coron. Club Paradise never disappoint, a highly recommended place to rekindle and celebrate love and life

We were ushered to our respective rooms. Here's a first glimpse of Club Paradise Palawan.

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