Braven New Bluetooth Speakers

I've been using Braven 710 HD Wireless Speaker for quite sometime because I super like its sound quality and battery life. It's a versatile speaker encased in an aircraft-grade aluminum. It provides a superb sound experience so when I was invited to the launch of the new series of Braven outdoor portable audio speakers, I tried my best to make it at Le Petit Souffle, the event venue.

Fashion meets music, the BRAVEN LUX (Php 4,950 ) is great for fashionistas and those who are looking for elegant speakers. Lux showcases a unique pattern in three metallic colors - pearl, gold and iridescent purple. It is compact, lightweight and striking. It could be an ideal speaker when travel or at-home. I think it fits any Woman In Digital or ladies in tech. What can you say?

Stylish Braven Lux
The colorful BRAVEN 805 (Php 9,950) Bluetooth speaker is designed to add a touch of color and a dash of rhythm to any lifestyle.  Braven 805 is said to rock any room kitchen counter and living room. Offered in nine striking colors - vivid magenta, orange, and red, or blend into a bookshelf with neutral white, gray and black hues. It's packed with amazing HD sound to set, enhance or create any mood.

Braven New Bluetooth Speakers
Braven New Bluetooth Speakers

I got a purple BRAVEN Balance (Php 5,850). It's going to be my new working out companion. The Braven Balance is a Bluetooth speaker with bass optimization technology designed for the modern active lifestyle.

Braven Balance in Purple
Braven Balance in Purple

It would be a lovely piece in any fitness studios, on-the-court, in the locker room, or on the deck. It perfectly combines a low profile, ultra-thin design with outstanding sound quality and room filling bass. Balance is available in six lively colors (black, lime, gray, red/gray, purple/gray, and orange/gray). It also comes with an anti-slip exterior for easy carrying even when wet and is capable of surviving accidental spills or drops with an IPX5 waterproof rating.

There's also sophisticated BRAVEN 770 (Php 6,750) for sophisticated ones. Press play and experience highly sophisticated sound from the Braven 770 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. It's best for office or loft, this portable, splash-proof speaker easily travels in a briefcase or handbag. Moreover, the 770 is designed with a noise-canceling internal speakerphone to make and take calls conveniently.

Le Petite Souffle:

It was my first time at Le Petit Souffle in Century City Mall. I find the restaurant cozy and good for dating couples or small group of friends. The food was good too. I had soba (cold noodles) with cherry tomatoes, carrots and sliced eggplants sprinkled with sesame seeds. Each of us were served with focaccia bread and butter. I also had warm corn soup but I like the hubby's pumpkin soup. For dessert we shared vanilla and matcha ice cream. Oh by the way, we had a drink with a mixture of yakult, it was really refreshing.

Le Petite Souffle
Le Petite Souffle
Corn soup
Le Petite Souffle

Le Petite Souffle
Matcha and Vanilla Ice Cream

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