My Detox Mani-Pedi At Posh Nails

After too much beach activities, it's time for some skin and nail treatment. I'm back in the spa for the regular facial and body massage. Instead of calling our personal manicurist, I also tried detox mani-pedi at Posh Nails upon their invitation. The spa celebrated its 13th anniversary and they treated us with rejuvenating detox foot spa complete with pedicure and manicure.

My Detox Mani-Pedi At Posh Nails
My Detox Mani-Pedi At Posh Nails

Brand ambassadors and invited guests started to arrive to celebrate with Posh Nails' anniversary. I even have selfie taken with one of their special guest LG Reyes after her treatment. She's nice and approachable. Thanks LJ!

with LJ Reyes and sister Tina
To be honest, it was my first time at Posh Nails. I rarely have my mani-pedi done outside because we have our family manicurist.It has been a habit going to the spa for body massage though. I usually have a full body massage three times a month. This week, I tried Nobu Hotel's Renewal Massage at the Nobu Spa. I think women should treat themselves to the spa regularly. It relieves stress and fatigue.



Going back to the detox mani-pedi. The procedure started with foot soaked and application of foot scrub. It's like the regular foot and hand spa.

Posh Nail is also introducing us their product CUCCIO Naturale so I tried it for myself.


It was a great afternoon with Posh Nails and catching up with old friends. Beside me is Sumi of Purple Doll. My dear friend Aylin of The Daily Posh was there too and sister Tina of Mrs Cloverleaf. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to try the Reiki Session with Kimi Lu due to limited slots. It's a love and light talk with life coach Kimi Lu. Perhaps in the near future, if there will be another opportunity.

My Detox Mani-Pedi At Posh Nails

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Congratulations Posh Nails and thank you for having me.


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