CBTL Giving Journal And Holiday Beverages

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) revealed its 2016 Giving Jounal in an artful afternoon at CBTL Bistro, NET Lima. That day, I got my hands back on calligraphy and water coloring. Twenty-five years ago I first tried calligraphy through the guidance of my late father I learned how to do lettering and use leroy. It made me a little emotional and teary holding those tools again but I'm so glad to finally get my hands back to lettering and painting. 

Calligraphy Session
Calligraphy Session


Initially, I had a hard time with the downward stroke. But it was such a great experience. I am think of doing it again, anyway it was a childhood hobby. Thanks Alexia. :) 

Calligraphy with Alexis Ventura of Ink Scribbler
Trying calligraphy again. What do you think of my work?

Calligraphy with Alexis Ventura of Ink Scribbler

The Art of Paper Cutting

Next, I met Karl Ivan who showed me his skills in paper cutting

Karl Ivan in Paper Cutting

Water Coloring

Water coloring was the last activity I did. I started painting in canvas at the age of eleven. But it was a delight to learn from a different water coloring skills and style. Using a different kind of brush and applying another technique, you can create nice color paintings like this one below.


CBTL Giving Journal 2016

CBTL Giving Journal 2016

CBTL Giving Journal 2016

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has partnered with Real LIFE foundation, the Giving Journal’s beneficiary, to fulfill its tradition by supporting the educational needs of the less fortunate. To date, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has already sponsored 38 university scholars since 2011. The brand continues this advocacy by giving them the chance to fulfill their dreams, help their families, and improve their prospects for a brighter future. At present, CBTL is proud to share that 13 of the sponsored scholars have already graduated.

How To Claim CBTL Giving Journal 2016

The 2016 Giving Journal focused on sharing and giving to others. I guess that's what these arts and crafts was all about. The mentors leading and sharing what they have so in return we could also share.

4 Colors of CBTL Giving Journal 2016
4 Colors of CBTL Giving Journal 2016
We also got to take a look at the this year's planner. They come in four colors - Teal (light blue), yellow, brown, and purple

For more information, LIKE The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® (Philippines) on Facebook, FOLLOW @CBTLPH @BREWPH on Instagram and Twitter, and SUBSCRIBE to brewyourbestyear.com

How To Avail of the 2016 Giving Journal: 

For a minimum single-receipt purchase of a regular or large sized Original Ice Blended, Espresso/Coffee-based, or Tea-based Beverage, Hot Chocolate/Hot Vanilla or CBTL capsules qualifies a customer to get a stamp card. Fill the CBTL Card, the 12 circles with corresponding purchased drink/item assignments. Promotion for the Giving Journal 2016 will be until January 10, 2016

CBTL Holiday Beverages

CBTL Holiday Beverages
CBTL Holiday Beverages

This Christmas, CBTL is offering its customers two special holiday beverages - Toffee Nut Flavor and Winter Dream Tea. Each drink comes in two variations: an iced drink, and a warm latte. If you love something sweet, you'll be happy to try the Toffee Nut flavor, which is a new addition to the menu. Inspired by traditional holiday confections, its flavor comprises of a buttery caramelized sugar with a hint of nut, paired with the richness of espresso and a sprinkle of toffee bits. In the Winter Dream Tea, a drink that has come to be anticipated and loved by the café’s patrons, rooibos and black tea are blended with sweet spices and hints of Vanilla-- a beverage that is truly what holiday dreams are made of. Each drink was lovingly crafted to capture the spirit of Christmas in a cup.

With every purchase of CBTL coffee we help the less fortunate through Real Life Foundation. Get your own #GivingJournal 2016 by collecting stamps today. 


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