Terra Wellness Spa: Best Spa In Boracay

Our three-days vacation at Discovery Shores Boracay would not be complete without a relaxing body massage. So after the boodle fight dinner our last night at Discovery Hotel was spent in a modern, cozy in-house spa called the Terra Wellness Spa.

Terra Wellness Spa: Best Spa In Boracay
A tranquil setting for a spa treatment

eye-catching designs around the Terra Spa
One of the eye-catching designs around the Terra Spa
Peaceful background music, the scent of oils and candles provided a calming atmosphere. The spa was clean, cozy and minimalist. Upon entering, we were greeted and ushered to rest at their comfy sofa. We were offered cold tea and towel while accomplishing the forms. Before the treatment, I asked the therapist if it's okay to check the rooms and here's what we saw.. 

Terra Wellness Spa Boracay

Terra Wellness Spa Boracay

clean and cozy lounge, comfy sofa

Terra Wellness Spa: Best Spa In Boracay

This areas is for foot massage. It's a big treatment rooms for big groups. Beautiful, spotless clean bathtub and toilet. There's a separate comfort room with several cubicles as well.

Terra Wellness Spa: Best Spa In Boracay

Moving on to the treatment. We chose the Terra's Touch. The therapist presented four kinds of oil - calming, uplifting, rejuvenating, and detoxifying. Each bottle contains mild and natural ingredients especially made for people with sensitive skin. I had "rejuvenating" infused with rosemary and bergamot. Rosemary moisturizes skin, decreasing age spots. In addition, skin products with rosemary is said to be can help trear pimples and acne. The citrus scent of bergamot has aromatherapy effect. So imagine when these two are combined, not to mention how great the massage was. 

My husband tried the "detoxifying" oil with lemongrass and peppermint. I just love the scent.

Terra Wellness Spa Rates

Spa Massage Oils

After accomplishing the registration/health form, we transferred to the couple massage room. We started with Discovery Hotel's signature foot wash. Pouring warm water soaked with flower petals over our tired feet and using special scrub, the therapist gently massaged our feet and legs. The foot wash was very relaxing. It comforts our tired leg muscles after a whole day of swimming and walking by the beach.

Discovery Hotels Foot Wash

I don't usually fall asleep during massages because I wanted to feel the treatment except for this one. The gentle hands that works, slowly covering our bodies with clean and soft towels. I must say, the luxury treatment was performed with gentleness and professionalism. They would ask if we feel comfortable, the air-conditioning warm or cold enough. Terra's touch uses deeply relaxing massage . What I like about it is the slow and graceful gliding strokes that are applied to the different key pressure points of our body. It releases tension and works on blood circulation. 

Terra's Touch at the Terra Spa
Terra's Touch at the Terra Spa
The treatment lasted an hour and for the first time, I wished I had the 90 minutes body massage. Afterwards, we were offered hot ginger tea which has detoxifying and calming effect. I just hope the therapist would leave the treatment room after the massage and allow guests to rest with privacy while enjoying the hot drink. :)

Terra's Touch at the Terra Spa

Terra's Touch Rates:
60 minutes/Php 1,700
90 minutes/Php 2,400

For more information, you may get in touch at the following:

Twitter - @TDLCI and @DiscoveryShores
Facebook - DiscoveryShoresBoracay and TDLCI  
Instagram - @tdlci and @discoveryshoresboracay

Email at terrawellnessspa@discovery.com.ph or you may call (02) 720-8888 or 641-8888

Overall, we had a fantastic body massage. It was absolutely relaxing, rejuvenating and sublime experience. Aside from the Jacuzzi located at the swimming pool area, must-try when in Discovery Shores Boracay are the treatments available at the Terra Wellness Spa.


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