Chinese New Year Outfit At Philam Life Year Of The Fire Monkey

There's something about Chinese New Year that it makes me excited to celebrate it every year. I'm not a Chinese but married to a half Chinese half Pinoy guy. His uncles and aunts are pure Chinese though so you would see traditional Chinese practices at home. Sometimes, I would imitate them from the food they prepare to the drinks and medications they take. There's one time I had this unproductive cough that lasted almost a week. It did not work on my usual cough syrups until I was given a Chinese cough medicine. After few days of taking it, the cough just went away. I have come to love Chinese food even more and learned to cook some recipes as well. Hopia, tikoy are some of my favorite Chinese delicacies served with tea. I've attended a couple of Pua Tiong Tiu and learned how to play dice games and white elephant. See, my love for Chinese has grown even more.

Chinese New Year Outfit At Philam Life CNY
Chinese New Year Outfit At Philam Life CNY
Last week, I was invited to the celebration of Chinese New Year at Philam Life at their head office in Quintin Paredes, Binondo. Although it wasn't my first time to because I had a fond memory of Philam Life CNY 2012. Hubby (who's my boyfriend then) and I were supposed to meet at Robinsons Galleria on a Chinese New Year but I can't get out of Binondo due to heavy traffic and huge crowd. He waited at Galleria for almost four to five hours and I did not arrived. 

Chinese New Year 2016 at Philam Life
Chinese New Year 2016 at Philam Life
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Chinese New Year dress from Landmark

Going back to Philam Life CNY 2016, we witnessed the traditional eye-dotting ceremony and dragon dance which they believe will cleanse and provide good luck in the area. There's no 500 wishes written in 500 balloons like before. Overall, it was still a Chinese New Year festive to welcome the Year of the Fire Monkey. The celebration was shorter too compared to the one I attended back in 2012. Amidst these changes, Philam Life did not change and promises to provide better services through its numerous offerings from life protection, insurance, education, retirement, group and credit life insurance. 

Here's a throwback 2012 Philam Life Chinese New Year (click here)

For  2016, Philam Life said they will build its Premier Agency through leader development and quality recruitment to grow MDRTs. The company will make services simpler and faster for customers through multiple payment facilities, e-billing, and other innovations. They will also level up customer services through modern office facilities.

Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese friends and family. Gong Xi Fa Cai


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