Sample Summer Wedding Outfit

Belated Happy Valentine's Day! How did you spend the special occasion? I would like to share a semi-formal outfit for ladies attending a summer wedding. My husband's cousin Chris got married last week, Chinese New Year's eve. Of course, just any other wedding it was beautiful. It was an afternoon church wedding ceremony in purple and light green colors and cherry blossoms motif. I didn't want purple then so I thought of green or any color which represents cherry blossoms like pink or yellow perhaps.

Meg Clothing For Wedding Outfit
Meg Clothing For Women Attending Summer Wedding

For the first time, I wear Meg clothing. It's been in the business for years now I never got to try any of their women's apparel. My sister Tina and I passed by their Trinoma branch just in front Mercury drug and found this pretty floral skirt. I paired it with plain top green fitted long-sleeves

I like how it fits well even the length is just okay. The fabric is good even if I wear it for a summer garden wedding. The outfit is classy but not too noticeable which I prefer. You know, I am not really a fan of glittering and gold jewelries. I still prefer matching my outfit with pearls. I felt more feminine and matured. The necklace and earrings I wore were from Coron, Palawan. The city is known for pearls and accessories made of shells.

Sample Summer Wedding Outfit
Below the knee skirt
For an afternoon wedding, I suggests wearing a light makeup to avoid skin to be too oily or cakey especially during summer. I wear Celeteque 24-hour Photo ready foundation and Pixy lipcolor in super light pink. It provided enough moisture during the entire afternoon. At the reception, I decided to topped with another lipcolor, red orange one because it's past 6pm. As for my new hair cut, I think it made me look like a matured woman which is fine with me. 

Rusty Lopez has been one of my favorite since I was in high school. Their shoes are known for its durability and comfort. It's been years since my last RL pair of shoes and I'm so glad to get another pair this year. It's two inches high, very comfortable even if I stand for quite a long time. 

Pearl jewelries which I bought from my recent Coron, Palawan trip
Meg Floral Skirt P999 | Meg Green Fitted Top P399
Shoes from Rusty Lopez P1,200+
Bag from Sabrina


Sample Summer Wedding Outfit

Congratulations and best wishes to our cousin Chris and wife Eileen. Ladies, remember that our wedding day is beautiful no matter what happened. Mine was not perfect, I have lots of funny stories to tell. One of the memorable one was the time I have to wear my wedding gown and no one would assist me because all of them were busy for pictorial. It's fine, at least I know they were also enjoying the occasion. My maid of honor and brides maids were all lovely. Their looks deserve to be captured as well. For the soon-to-be brides, just remember that it's not about the event, the food, the wedding gown but the vows and the union of two people swearing to love one another forever.


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