Space EDSA Condormitory Living For Busy Women

Last week, I visited a new place called SPACE EDSA, a convenient and affordable place to live. Strategically, it is located along EDSA just beside Victor Potenciano hospital and very accessible to major transport system such as MRT, buses and cabs.

Space EDSA Corndormitory Rates
Space EDSA Corndormitory
Above photo is just one of the many condormitory rooms available at Space EDSA. There's 4, 6 and 8 beds per room. Basically, it has a modern design, space saving bunk beds with drawers and cabinets on the side. Each has comfy and good quality mattress for every spacer's comfort and rest.

SPACE EDSA For Busy, Modern Women

What makes SPACE EDSA unique from ordinary dormitories? It has its own modern facilities to cater guest's modern lifestylehealthy or wellness gym, a nice common kitchenette with the basic water heater and microwave oven and other kitchenware. It's spacious, cozy and friendly place to live, bring work at home and make new friends with fellow spacers. Because everyone wants to stay connected with their friends and families, the monthly rent (Php 4,200) includes water, electricity and WiFi use.

Fit Space at Space EDSA
Fit Space at Space EDSA
There's a separate room for the men spacers. The management also implements a strict "no liquors, no smoking policy". They will also call the attention of spacers who will violate the rules. Of course, spacers are responsible for their valuable items and other personal items.

Food Space at Space EDSA
Food Space at Space EDSA
Common Kitchen at Space EDSA
Common kitchen
Fit Space Gym at Space EDSA
Fit Space Gym at Space EDSA

Space EDSA condormitory has separate toilet and bath for the men and women. There are several cubicles which can accommodate spacers especially in the morning when everyone is busy preparing going to work or school.

Common Toilet and Bath Space EDSA
Common Toilet and Bath Space EDSA
Common Toilet and Bath Space EDSA
Common Toilet and Bath Space EDSA
There's enough "food space" to dine while watching a movie from the LCD television with cable channel.

Space EDSA Rates
Space EDSA

Space EDSA aims to help Filipinos enjoy much of their time on important things like relaxation, rest rather than spending hours in the traffic going home. The idea is to allow each Spacer to live near where they want to be.

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Space EDSA is a modern upgrade to the old dormitory living. It's located at 167 EDSA Mandaluyong City, at the third floor of Major Homes’ headquarters. At the moment, it has air-conditioned rooms for 4, 6, and 8 people priced at Php4,200/month for each bed. For more information, you may also visit

Ladies, what do you think of this new, modern living space? 


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