My Top Five Secrets To Staying Slim

A lot of people keep asking me how do I maintain my weight. Are there secrets to staying slim? Perhaps being slim makes a woman look younger than her actual age. For me, being slim doesn't mean you're already sexy. Vice versa, if you're big and fat doesn't mean you can't wear those nice, sexy dress. This year, I am turning 38 years old. For a long time, I've been wanting to gain weight. I'm not sure if it's because of my lifestyle or has something to do with the genes. Allow me to share not-so secrets to staying slim or perhaps the reasons why I never gain weight. :P

Lounging at Ascott BGC pool area
Lounging at Ascott BGC pool area

1. I eat what I want

Perhaps, some would react and tell me "My mom, sister and aunt are all slim, how come I'm big and fat?" Well, are you aware on what you put on your plate? or at least conscious with the quantity and food portioning? With a sinfully delicious dessert or carbo-loaded pasta dish, can you tell yourself "to stop, I have enough." I do! My favorite food is fish and I'm choosy with vegetable. I also like chicken and prefers egg for breakfast. I seldom eat beef, pork and not tempted with steak, lechon except for lechon manok (roast chicken) but when I do I only the size of Fita biscuit. Simply because I'm not a fan of those meat. I eat just to try and taste it so I would know how the flavor is. I eat chicken, egg and I love fish especially salmon and milk fish (bangus).

Eat all you can at Sandaya Fishermall
Eat all you can at Sandaya Fishermall
Here are some of my food posts on instagram, do follow me for more updates. <3

MasterGarden Malabon
All Filipino Cuisine at MasterGarden Malabon
Ogawa Japanese BGC Menu
Ogawa Japanese BGC
The Little Pie Company
The Little Pie Company
I love Filipino and Japanese cuisine so every time we had a feast of those, I could eat atleast two cups of rice. Savory pies and pastries are my favorite snacks paired with coffee.

Don't deprive yourself. Eat what you want but in moderation. I love to dine and try new food. It's one of the things hubby and I enjoyed together, dining. Look at him, he gained weight which I planned. I also like going to buffets. Some of my favorites are Sambokojin, Buffet 101, Spiral at Sofitel Manila, the old Paseo Uno at Mandarin Hotel, just to name a few. BUT we try to control what we eat. Here's the best suggestion, if you're dining with your boyfriend, husband, sister or someone close to you, share every dessert. We do half-half. Let's say a cup of ice cream, share the half to your partner. That's the simplest and best way to limit eating desserts. If I'm alone, I would only choose at least three kinds of dessert but consume only half of it. Good thing these are usually served in small slices.

I also love to cook when I do I only prepare vegetable dishes every night, no meat. It has been a rule in my home for three years now. It would be great to prepare your baon to the office as well, that way you have the liberty to put only the healthy ingredients in your packed lunch. I do it for hubby Jonel, he brings healthy packed lunch and sandwiches every time he goes to work as a college professor.

2. It runs in the family.

Most of my family members have the same petite, slim figure especially the ladies and my father's side of the family. Mom has just the right body weight and figure at her age, 53. My sister Tina is also petite and slim even after giving birth to two kids (they are now at grade school). Obviously, it runs in the family. When you meet my mom, you would think we were only sisters she looks young at her age.

3. Eat like a woman. :P

I hope the statement is clear. Pardon if someone gets offended. I've seen it a lot of times but I tried not to be judgmental so forgive me. Sometimes we put everything on our plate as if there's no coming back. We can stand up and walk around the buffet table and take time to choose the food you like to try. Control yourself! Talk to your spouse or loved ones, laugh and enjoy the time you're together.

4. The Slimming Benefits of Tea

I'm not sure if TEA has slimming properties but I do believe it has good effect on our body. I like having afternoon tea time and post dinner. I prefer black tea in the morning as a coffee substitute and then other tea variants in the afternoon and late evening. They say tea aids in digestion and helps eliminate fats and oils from the food we eat.

Tea Time at Ascott BGC
Tea Time at Ascott BGC

When ordering your favorite coffee, tell the barista not to add cream. I also use muscovado to sweeten my drinks. Since it's quite expensive than regular sugar, unconsciously I am using just a little to sweeten my coffee. Isn't it a good way to limit sugar intake?

5. Exercise everyday

Exercising doesn't mean working out like a man. Not even stressing yourself to meet your trainor at the gym. It starts with proper attitude, aiming your goal to wellness. Plan an ideal workout that works on your schedule, lifestyle, financial capabilities. I know it's hard, I have the same problem as well but I am trying my best because staying healthy is always on my mind especially that I'm turning 40 few years from now. I also accept invitations to yoga and other sporty activities I think I can do. I don't go to the gym for some reasons but lately I found myself liking it specially the thread mill.

There are no secrets in staying slim because the experts have already revealed effective ways to lose weight. All we have to do is try it, see if it works for us. On your next simmer getaway, if you're uncomfortable but still wants to wear women's swim wear to the beach, my advise is that you believe in your inner beauty. Have the confidence to do what makes you happy. Four years ago, I was super shy to wear a bathing suit then I tried one-piece with cover. Deep inside, I knew I wanted to wear a two-piece. I'm so grateful from the unwavering support of my husband. Now, I can wear any color of swim wear I want even if it's hot pink, even two piece. :)

I just want you to remember that you are loved no matter what. Stay happy and have a positive outlook in life. Isn't it that our husbands tell us how much they loved us even if we become skinny or overweight? But if you really want to achieve that sexy body, aim for it. Tell yourself everyday that you can make all you have to do is believe in yourself.

Smile, you are beautiful and sexy!


  1. very timely to my road to fitness! im in a work in progress trying to be fit :) Thanks for these insights. -tin

  2. You can do it Tin! Enjoy the journey! #WomanInDigital :)


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