Review of Saucony ‪#‎Kinvara‬ 7 Tokyo Marathon “Cherry Blossom"

I visited SAUCONY at Glorietta a couple of days ago. No plans of getting a new shoes but just to check on their display. From the collection, my eyes caught the black, retro, classic Saucony Shadow. 

Saucony Shadow looks casual with its black color but definitely stands out in anyday outfit. It took me a while to finally decide if I should get one. But considering my needs and lifestyle, I guess the Saucony Shadow is not the one I'm looking for.

Saucony ‪#‎Kinvara‬ 7 Tokyo Marathon “Cherry Blossom"
Saucony ‪#‎Kinvara‬ 7 Tokyo Marathon “Cherry Blossom"
This is my fitness outfit once a week. I've been doing yoga at home for several weeks now, still a beginner though. Grateful from all the yoga teachers I met in the past six months. I never thought I can do this meditation and type of exercise.

Adding to my workout paraphernalia is this colorful Starbucks tumbler my friends from Starbucks sent me. It's the latest collection released this summer. Also Kind fruits and nuts has always been a great workout companion, it's easy to carry and eat. Something new was added to my shoe rock, the Saucony ‪#‎Kinvara‬ 7 Tokyo Marathon “Cherry Blossom".

Saucony Shadow
Saucony Shadow
Saucony Shadow
More Saucony Shoes
Saucony Everun Kinvara

Saucony Kinvara

The brand’s flagship shoes, the Kinvara 7 and the Guide 9 are getting an EVERUN update, too. The Kinvara 7 (a neutral running shoe) and the Guide 9 (a stability shoe) feature heightened comfort.

Saucony pioneered the natural motion category with the Kinvara where it earned Kinvara loyalists since its inception. The Kinvara 7 features a quick, resilient ride, lockdown fit, and great underfoot feeling. It is equipped with the Everun Heel Insert that promises cushioning where it’s needed most. Meanwhile, the Flexifilm-infused upper provides the foot support in each stride. The shoe comes with Tri-flex outsole configuration and wider lugs for better ground tract and smoother ride.

Saucony Kinvara Cherry Blossom
Limited Edition Saucony Kinvara Cherry Blossom
Saucony Kinvara 7 Marathon Cherry Blossom
Saucony Kinvara 7 Marathon Cherry Blossom
Saucony Everun Heel Insert
Everun Heel Insert
Wearing my first Saucony Kinvara 7 Marathon Cherry Blossom shoes in two events ending at Kidzania in the afternoon. I must say it was really comfortable with good cushion. I was told there are only 17 pairs of Kinvara 7 Cherry Blossom in the Philippines. I got one and two of my bloggers friends also get the same pair. Maybe there are still 14 pairs so get them now at Saucony Glorietta.

Review of Saucony ‪#‎Kinvara‬ 7 Tokyo Marathon “Cherry Blossom"
Review of Saucony ‪#‎Kinvara‬ 7 Tokyo Marathon “Cherry Blossom"

Outfit of the day:
White top from Uniqlo
Satin coverup Bazaar
Purple Skirt from Landmark
Red bag from Mango
Saucony Kinvara 7 Marathon Cherry Blossom 

Do you own any of the Saucony Everun collection? What do you think of Saucony Kinvara? Having the right shoes helps me in achieving my fitness goal. It's okay to invest on high-quality, value for the money shoes that protects you during workout. Saucony Kinvara 7 Marathon Cherry Blossom retails at Php5,900+


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