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Ever wanted to wear a swimsuit but unsure of yourself that you might look skinny or fat? I know some people who are uncomfortable in bathing suit. Once upon a time I felt the same way yet deep inside me I wanted to experience wearing those lovely printed bikinis and one-piece swimsuits.

How to Feel Confident in a Bathing Suit

My journey overcoming doubting myself to wear a swimwear started in 2012. It started when my boyfriend turned husband Jonel invited me to one of his travel events in Matabungkay Beach, Nasugbu, Batangas. We were with a couple of travel bloggers then, I cannot remember but I'm sure we did not share the same room. So anyway, back then I would only wear shirt and shorts when swimming. Few days before the trip, I was thinking what would other girls would wear. To be honest, I was anxious because I'm joining a different group of people. So I decided to shop for swimwear in Landmark Department store known for cheap yet fashionable women's beach wear.

Here are the photos taken from 2012 onward at beautiful islands in the Philippines.

How to Feel Confident in a Bathing Suit
Boracay 2012 just wearing shorts and blouse
Boracay 2012
Boracay in 2012 wearing the second swimsuit I bought in 33 years
Packing my things, I included confidence and left all issues on body image. It was my second swimsuit since my first was in college swimming for Physical Education. My eyes caught this purple floral one-piece swimwear. I like that it's not too revealing, covering my entire tummy. It has a mini-cycling shorts with overlay, lol! The swimwear actually looks like a small dress.

floral one piece swimsuit
2013 at Sofitel Manila. Another look of the purple, floral one piece swimsuit
Cowrie Island Palawan
2013 in Palawan wearing shorts and bra-pushed up top
Borneo Reef World, Malaysia in 2013
Borneo Reef World, Malaysia in 2014 wearing bathing suit coverup
Borneo Reef World
(2014) Swimsuit bra-pushed up and short
Henann Resort
2015 Henann Resort pashmina used as coverup
Henann Resort
Henann Resort
2016 Island Cove Resort
2016 Island Cove Resort
Discovery Shores Boracay wearing uniqlo bikini
2015 Discovery Shores Boracay wearing Uniqlo yellow bikini
Discovery Shores Boracay
Discovery Shores Boracay
Then I learned that my sweetheart loves the beach. True enough, in three years we've been to a lot of resorts and islands in the Philippines including Boracay, Coron, El Nido, and Bohol. We also love staying in hotels and we're grateful to be invited by the best hotels in town. In three years I've collected around ten (10) bathing suits most of them I bought at Coco Cabana. From one-piece, I decided to try two-piece bikini and cover-ups.

Since I have a small body frame, I buy only swimsuits with bra tops padded or push-ups that offer extra lift. They say, triangle tops creates an illusion of curves, the same with bold prints and raffles. Check out this pink swimsuit I wore at Somerset Alabang Manila.

It helps when partner or husband complements. It feels good when hubby notices how lovely I am in bathing suit. However, we should not be driven by what other people would say. Of course, we should be open for complements and suggestions.

How to Feel Confident in a Bathing Suit

First of all, believe that you are beautiful. Women including myself must love ourselves. When others see that we value ourselves then they will respect us even more. Have the self-confidence. If only we can buy confidence but then again, it's not something we can get easily. Our experience molds us to become a better person.

Henann Resort in 2015
2015 Henann Resort in Bohol
Tell your stories, how you were able to overcome insecurities when wearing swimsuit.

Take a closer look on my lower abdomen, you would see I'm trying to cover 4-5 inches dark, thick scar which I got after explorlap (abdominal surgery) due to peritonitis and appendicitis. Still, it did not stopped me from wearing bikini. :)

Embrace the body and skin you're in and you'll look confident in your swimwear. Love and take care of your body. Eat well and do exercise, you don't have to go to the gym. As for me, I do yoga at home, thanks to yoga videos available in the internet. If possible invest with the reliable swimwear brands and store.

I hope this post has able to remove or resolve fear and frustration with swimsuits. Best of all, you were enlighten with issues in body image. Remember, God created us all beautiful.


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