Giordano #WeAreFamily Campaign: Celebrating Family Ties

CHRISTmas is just around the corner. I hear joyful song playing in the neighborhood and in the malls? It's the signal that the yuletide season has begun. I can still remember the first time I went to Hong Kong and did a little shopping there, I bought 3 pairs of Giordano polo shirts because they were on sale. So as early as October, I'm scouting for the best gifts for my loved ones. One thing I love about Christmas season is our annual family gathering and exchanges of gifts.

Giordano's #WeAreFamily Campaign
To celebrate the power of family ties, Giordano launches the #WeAreFamily campaign comprising of different collections from September to December. This campaign draws inspiration from treating the family as a team, with whom one increasingly spends more fun and intimate moments.

Giordano's #WeAreFamily Campaign

Through this campaign, I already found a great way of giving and sharing blessings to my family and friends. Giordano try to rekindle the good times we experienced with our family with quality products that can be shared and passed down through generations.

Giordano's #WeAreFamily Campaign

So I went to the nearest Giordano store to check out what this "We Are Family" campaign all about and suddenly, I became excited and shopped for some Giordano polo shirts for mom and hubby. I guess, we all have polo shirts in our wardrobe, it's a staple loved and shared by family members. The polo remains to be the ultimate classic, a casual comfort as well as a dressed up essential.

Giordano offers different styles, designs and colors that can be worn by the whole family. To allow families to get a head start on family shirts, Giordano offers a special promotion: Buy 3 polos and get Php500 off until October 16. Don't worry if you missed this one. Starting this October also, Giordano stores will be dominated by laid back Tees collection perfect for casual get-together.

Still for the month of October, Giordano also offers a special family bundling promotion of buy any two selected V-neck tees or solid and stripe tees, and get Php300 off. Hep, we are not yet done. Come November, the home of high-quality and timeless wardrobe pieces will launch The Great Giordano Anniversary Sale, where a comprehensive shirts collection featuring dressy long- and short-sleeved polos, casual shirts, polo shirts, printed tees, hoodies and a wide range of bottoms will be available in different styles and sizes suited for everyone in the family. I can't wait for November. Hubby and I usually buy a lot of items every Giordano sale.

Giordano polo shirts

The same month, November, Giordano will launch the Bear on Bike family collection featuring elegantly-designed shirts, perfect for those times when you want to wear simple yet compelling prints. However, I've seen some stores offering this collection.

Watch out for the Giordano Christmas collection featuring tees and a variety of long sleeves perfect for the cold December air.
Giordano #WeAreFamily campaign

What I like most about Giordano is that they never go out of style. They are always fashionable and classic. Most of all, with high-quality fabric, I can even pass it to my younger sibling.

Head over to your favorite Giordano shop starting October, join Giodano's #WeAreFamily campaign and together let's spread the love in our families, post your photos and tag us. <3


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