My Shakey's Moments

There's nothing more important than waking up in the morning and spending time with your loved ones. With new life everyday, I consider myself lucky.

Two weeks ago, the whole family found time to celebrate birthdays of my niece and nephew, Bianca and Pipitoy at Shakey's SM North.

July 2015 at Shakey's West Avenue
I think Shakey's has been part of our lives. Last year, I celebrated my birthday at Shakey's West Avenue. Every time my parents-in-law would visit us in Manila, hubby would bring us to Shakey's. It has been a favorite restaurants of many Filipino families including us. They have these bundle treats shareable for the entire family. Sometimes, we would order the bunch of lunch for each one of us. I get discount and free pizza with the Shakey's Supercard. 

September 25, 2016 at Shakey's SM North
Shakey's continues to highlight and bring importance to the relationship they share with us. This is why they find someone special that would represent what the brand stands for. My favorite actor is a self-confessed Shakey's fan, Luis Manzano.

Luis Manzano for Shakey's
Luis Manzano for Shakey's
Shakey's and Luis Manzano encourage us to create our Shakey's moments. I have my own share of stories. What's yours? Join the fun, follow Shakey's on ig, @Shakeyph 


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