National Cake Day Celebrated with a Cake Buffet

Maybe its the design. Maybe its the icing. Maybe its the chiffon that makes me want a slice of this soft and sweet dessert. When I got married three years ago, I personally look a beautiful wedding cake design. It's made with simple white icing but inside, a red velvet cake. I did not eat a lot then, the first and last bite was during the wedding cake tradition. The next day we flew for our honeymoon in Hong Kong. So I have to give away the cake to my relatives. I'm happy enough knowing how much they like it. 👄

Woman-In-Digital-Goldilocks National Cake Day

Cake will always be part of every occasions from birthdays, graduations to anniversaries. We love serving rectangular shaped cake on Christmas and round cake on New Year's eve. When I feel sad, I would get a slice of cake and paired with a cup of coffee. It's comforting.

Goldilocks celebrates National Cake Day

Yesterday we celebrated the National Cake day at Goldilocks SM Manila with a cake buffet. Goldilocks served variety of flavors, design and sizes. Most of the, are familiar flavors like the mocha, the black forest which is one of my favorites. 

Goldilocks celebrates National Cake Day

The cake buffet was made available to the public in the afternoon for a minimal fee of P149. It comes with unlimited coffee or tea. It was a good way to catch up with friends and family members while enjoying different cake flavors.
The National Cake lead by Goldilocks was a huge success. Congrats Goldilocks and we look forward to many cake buffet like this in the future.


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