Tea Time at Home with Basilur Tea

TEA is one of my favorite beverages. Green tea greatly helps when I feel bloated after too much eating and consuming oily food. Because tea comes in many flavors and different aroma, it's easier to find one that pleases your palate.

Tea-Time at home with Basilur Tea

Tea is my favorite companion while reading a book or just relaxing in my bedroom. Hot tea is best during cold days, also after yoga session. In the morning when I don't feel like having coffee, I substitute it with Oolong or black tea. With its small amount of caffeine, it also provides energy. I believe in the many healthy benefits of tea. 

I received a lovely set of Basilur Bouquet Tea Book Collection which contains 20 foil-enveloped tea bags in different variants. It has aroma and flavors of berries, cream and light base of petals. I also got two boxes of Basilur tea last Christmas.

While contemplating on how to improve this mini garden with the help of Juan's Garden, I lit a candle and set-up the table serving Basilur tea and some plain cookies from the Healthy Options. Hubby and I had Strawberry and Kiwi which we both love. The sweet aroma of strawberry and flavors of Kiwi were very refreshing.

Basilur Bouquet Collection
Basilur Bouquet Collection
I haven't tried mixing mango with pineapple though so I was surprised with the delightful taste of Basilur Mango and Pineapple tea.


Basilur Tea are available in different variants, Specialty Classics, Fruit Infusions, Folk Knitted Collection, Musical Concert and Christmas Limited Edition Packages.

Basilur tea, the company is located in a land that is historically renowned for its prized tea leaves, Ceylon now Sri Lanka. Basilur Tea Export Ltd., is a premier tea trading company exporting the finest of Ceylon Tea world-wide.

Magic Fruits and Green Tea Bouquet Collection retails around P499 or $16.95 to $18.95 while the boxes retails around P250.

Basilur Tea Philippines
Email: shop@basilurtea.ph and info@20benterprises.com
Website: www.basilurtea.ph
Facebook: Basilur Tea Philippines
Instagram / Twitter: @BasilurTeaPH

Basilur Tea has been in the market for years now and has made innovation and uniqueness in packaging and tea. Look at this Basilur tea book set. The brand has earned a name for its innovative and exceptional quality tea products supplied directly from right where the tea is grown, Ceylon. Using only the finest tea, Basilur blended with variety of flavors, natural fruits and herbs to come up with delicious and refreshing tea.

Get one of the Basilur Book Collection, today. Schedule an afternoon tea time with your family and friends. You can also make mini sandwiches. I was thinking of preparing hot pandesal with kesong-puti served with Basilur Magic Fruits Tea Bag collection. My guests can choose what variant they would like to try. Sounds good right?


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