Valentine's Day Hair Color and Style with L'Oreal Paris Excellence Ash Brown

It's no secret that lately, I found joy coloring my hair. I was proud of myself when I finally overcome my fear of dying my hair. I had it done twice last year. Last week, few days before I went on a honeymoon and our wedding anniversary celebration, I had L'Oreal Paris treated my hair with 7.1 Beige Light Brown

New Look with L'Oreal Paris Excellence Ash Brown

The highlight of this pampering sesh was the launch of L'Oreal's Ash Brown Collection. Each shade is made of luxurious blend for ash brown for a beautiful, soft and natural-looking hair.

From the registration, we were asked to choose from two color coded cards - yellow and pink. These cards represent the shades from the collection. I chose the former and got the 7.1 Beige Light Brown. If I chose the pink, I would have the 6.13 Golden Nude Brow.

L'Oreal's Ash Brown Collection

L'Oreal Paris Excellence Ash Brown Collection

5.13 Ashy Nude Brown for a subtle yet elegant ash brown hair
6.1 Beige Medium Brown for a luxurious and sultry dark ash brown look
6.13 Golden Nude Brown for effortless golden ash tresses
7.1 Beige Light Brown for the chicest light ash brown hue

This was the shade of my hair before applying the 7.1 Beige Light Brown.

and this was my super black hair early last year before I decided to finally dye my hair.

The hair coloring and treatment procedure was such a breeze. It took an hour to finish the application to the rinsing. There was never a dull moment while waiting. I was able to meet people and enjoy some crepe and champagne prepared by La Creperie. The ladies were having a great time making hair accessories and caricature as well.

I also notice that L'Oreal Excellence Ash Brown has a unique foaming action that makes application a breeze. It has a rich creme, no drip formula so it was okay to walk around the restaurant, lol!

New Hair Color: 7.1 Beige Light Brown From L'Oreal Paris Excellence Ash Brown


Finally, it's time to blow dry my hair. I can't wait to see the result. 

The Smell: Some hair dyes are irritating to the nose and eyes but with L'Oreal there's no need to wear a mask.

The Formula: L'Oreal Paris Excellence Ash Brown Collection is infused with Advance Triple Care Technology that protects, strengthens and revitalizes hair through its powerful active ingredients. It also contains hi-intensity pigments that will make hair color vibrant. While hi-shine complex gives long-lasting shine. In addition, it's non irritating to the skin and scalp.


As you can see, this light ash brown hue added little warm on my hair. I also noticed the disappearance of white/gray hair. I think it makes me look younger. What do you say? 😄

I love that the hairstylist curled my hair, adding volume and depth. 

with Hannah during the L'Oreal Hair Pampering Session
L'Oreal Paris Excellence Ash Brown Review
L'Oreal Paris Excellence Ash Brown 7.1
Price: L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion retails at P399 in Watsons stores nationwide.

L'Oreal Excellence Ash Brown
L'Oreal Ever Pure Sulfate-free Moisture shampoo and conditioner

Use L'Oreal Ever Pure Sulfate-free Moisture shampoo and conditioner daily to maintain the shiny and vibrant of your tresses.

Sometimes, it is in taking chances that we find the perfect match. Are you tired of your dull hair? Perhaps it's time to move on, try any of the four shades from L'Oreal Paris Excellence Ash Brown Collection? Let me know what you think.


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