Dads need pampering too…

Most women I know love going to the spa or wellness center. I personally love having a soothing body massage and facial at least once or twice a month. Hubby would lovingly wait for me in a coffee shop while I enjoy the treatment. Sometimes, we book a couple's room for massage though. So this coming Sunday, why not treat the man of the house a special Father's Day treat.

Husbands, dads, granpas are busy like us. Sometimes, they are so focused on their work that they sleep less and push their bodies beyond their points of endurance - while guzzling alcohol and chomping on cholesterol-and-fat-rich foods, which are easy to find and quick to consume. As a result, they gain weight, build up high blood pressure, and expose themselves to medical conditions like cardio-vascular illnesses. And when the stress really piles high, the wear-and-tear of work affects their demeanor; acne can break out and wrinkles start embedding themselves on their foreheads.

Fortunately, cutting-edge, non-invasive solutions can stop these hardworking dads from proceeding down these slippery slopes of bad habits and restore them to the path of health and wellness. More than that, they can also look younger and more attractive, as the inherent rejuvenation process of their physiology takes over.

“Modern-day treatments that can address the father’s health issues do not require surgery or any downtime,” says Dr. Lalaine Salazar, the Medical Director at the SvelT’i Health and Beauty Centre in Timog Avenue, Quezon City. “We understand that time is precious to these gentlemen. These treatments can be done within 30-45 minutes and they can return back to work or go to their next power meeting. And these results-oriented men will also be happy to  know that they can see positive changes in their body and face only after one session.”

Dads who want to get back in shape during their special day are advised to try out one or several of the following treatments:

Facial Treatments at SvelT'i

The facials administered in SvelT’i have become popular for their anti-aging effect. They get rid of blackheads, whiteheads, and other facial impurities. They control and prevent the development of pigmentation which tends to mar the skin. As a result, the face acquires a moisturized and well-balanced skin tone after the treatment.

Here are some of the treatments that dads would surely love.

  • Revlite does a deeper work on the dad’s skin and is designed to remove melasma, longstanding unwanted pigments, fine lines and wrinkles, and acne marks. This revolutionary Q-Switched ND:YAG laser  features PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse {PTP} and targets the impurities by producing a special wavelength of light. The light vibrates and breaks down the pigment into tiny particles. The spots will appear lighter with each treatment and eventually fade. Revlite can remove the unflattering effects that too much stress has triggered on the skin of the family breadwinner. 

  • Accufirme tones the muscles of his body and removes the flabbiness through the use of electrical pulses. One 20-minute session produces the same result that a 225-sit-up exercise does, but without the discomfort or even exerting any effort. The patient can just enjoy the treatment while lying down or even napping in his own private room. 

  • I-Lipo culminates the transformation of the beleaguered breadwinner into a younger-looking, more energetic, and more attractive alpha male. I-Lipo uses low-level pulses to remove unwanted and excessive fat deposits from the body, practically liquefying and siphoning them away. Then afterwards, a vacuum massage is applied on the affected body part to drain the remaining layers of cellulite, complemented by the administration of radio-frequencies for further skin tightening.

(02)332-7546 / 09188-SVELTI (783584)
5F South Insula Condominium #61 Timog Avenue, Quezon City
Mondays to Fridays 9am-6pm and Saturdays from 8am-1pm. and IG account @SVELTI_PH

The facials and Revlite have reduced or done away with the facial impurities and aging symptoms. Accufirm has tightened his muscles, and flattened his stomach.  I-Lipo has lessened the flabbiness in his body. One or a combination of these treatments can transform tired old Dad into a gorgeous-looking guy with a fit body that will run with more energy. It’s an amazing change that his wife and kids will gladly welcome, especially on Father’s Day.


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