So What Does the Color Red Say About Me?

I believe that colors can influence certain behaviors. Recently I was asked to choose my favorite color. I'm always attracted to the colors red and black. Although lately, I found myself buying white clothes. Before, my idea of colors are very shallow. I choose red mainly because it's my favorite lip color. I don't like pink because it doesn't suit my skin complexion. I like black because it's elegant and classic. You see, I choose the colors based on the outside, considering what other people would say about me.

Over the years, as I matured I realised life is like a box of crayon with different colors. Sometimes it's vibrant and so lively just like the colors red, orange and yellow. Other times, it's grey. We don't want our lives to be black that we cannot see anything in the dark. How about white? Some of us think of it as life after death, the light that calls from a far. So what does the color mean?

I recently found out that people who chooses black are often artistic and sensitive. Even if they are introverts, these people are very keen in details of their lives. The interpretation may be true and applies to me. I'm sensitive but the good thing is that I started to learn how to manage this attitude. I still choose the color black. In fact, most of my clothes are black.

People who chooses white are said to be organized and logical. People who chooses green are often affectionate and loyal. While those who chooses yellow are cheerful.

So what does the color red says about me?

There are days I choose red so I could feel more alive and loved. Red increases energy so whenever I feel that my day would be difficult and tiring I would wear red. Only few people know how passionate I am. This color also reflects how strong I am that I was able to face all the challenges in life.

This picture above has all my favorite colors - red, white, green and black. Each color has positive truths about me. At the end of the day, I don't want my choice of color influence my life, my well-being because I know in my heart there's only who can make or break my life - that's me. No matter what color I wore, it will not affect the way I my life to be. Life is all about choices. The choices we make today determine the choices we get tomorrow. It is important to make relationship and cherish the people who loves you. Start discovering your self, get out of your shell and comfort zones.

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