World Sleep Day: Does a Good Mattress Matter

Sleep, just like regular exercise and proper diet is important. Sadly, most of us take for granted getting enough rest and sleep.

Seven to eight hours of sleep every day are recommended for adults. There are many benefits of getting enough rest and sleep. Waking up in the wee hours of the night almost every night may be a sign that you should see a doctor. While there are many factors that causes difficulty sleeping, you should also consider your mattress.

Does a Good Mattress Matter?

You might blame work or the noise from the neighborhood for not getting enough sleep. Adding to that are the long list of deadlines, personal struggles, or even family problems. You cannot sleep anymore. But have you even consider your mattress. Is it too old or simply you're sleeping on the wrong mattress that causes back pain and headache.

I used to complained about back pain until we purchased our first Uratex Mattress two years ago. Back then I would wake up tired with frequent headaches. Maybe I'm using the wrong pillows so I changed and still, it doesn't feel good.

We started our 2017 with a new mattress, thanks to my loving husband. We bought the Uratex Senso Memory Mattress and picked the queen size so we can move freely. We went to the branch nearest us, Uratex Miller. Initially, we were planning to get a topper for our old mattress. After some discussion, we decided to get a queen size mattress instead. We were torn between the Orthopedic mattress and the Senso Memory Foam. What made us decide to choose the latter? I tried both, lying on the bed and felt that the ortho bed is too hard on my back. I feel more relaxed and comfortable with the Senso Memory Foam. We bought it around Php30,000 with discount at Uratex showroom in Miller, Quezon City.

Since then, I always have a good night sleep. After a very tiring day, I always look forward to lying on the bed and getting enough sleep.

According to the World Association of Sleep Medicine, there are a number of ways one can do to improve their sleeping patterns. The following are tips you can follow:

1. Bed should be for sleep and sex (for married couples).
2. Avoid intake of caffeine six hours before bedtime.
3. Light meal for dinner.
4. Limiting naps to not more than 45 minutes.
5. Create a comfortable sleeping environment (using the right mattress and bedding, keeping the room dark and well-ventilated).

The Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine (PSSM) comprised of physicians and sleep doctors, and the World Sleep Society, an association of sleep specialists focused on advancing sleep health worldwide, and Uratex, the Sleep Specialist, partners to promote the importance of sleep and celebrated World Sleep Day.

Sleep deprivation affects overall well-being, mood swings and may even lead to illness. It is important to address problems that causes sleep deprivation. Happy World Sleep Day, everyone!


  1. Thanks for this Madam... Kailangan po talaga 8 hrs of sleep, kaso di man kaya.. hahah lalo na kung ina ka na tas may work pa, need mo talaga asikasuhin muna yun mga bata bago sarili mo.. hehe Ang ganda naman po ng uratex mattress, how much it cost? Ang sarap siguro mahiga diyan.. haha pa experience madam. hehe


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