Looking Back Memory Lane With Uratex Mattress

Ten years ago, my world was limited to the hospital and our house. I would spend forty-eight hours in a week providing my best nursing care. Each day, my job would gave me an opportunity to touch the lives of sick people I can only provide tender loving care. Seeing them suffer breaks my heart. Knowing that these people entrust their lives in your hands, means a lot to me. All I can do is provide a calm, restful environment and the best comfortable sleeping position while they recuperate in a hospital. Every day, as I enter the ward and look at the line-up of beds, I was hoping no one occupies, their back to their regular routines.

Looking Back Memory Lane With Uratex Mattress

In 2007, grandma was diagnosed of lung cancer. I was then a work-at-home online reviewer so most of my time was spent on home. The best that we can do is to provide comfort from all kinds of body pain she has to go through. Making sure she sleeps comfortably on her bed especially after chemotherapy session.
No treatment killed the cancer cells, no pain relievers removed her body aches. No medication would prevent bed ulcers but URATEX bed gave her comfort in the remaining days of her life - sleeping in a soft as a cloud mattress. Good thing though, there's URATEX bed at home. It was the best gift the family gave her, calm and comfort for cancer patient needs.

Looking Back Memory Lane With Uratex Mattress
with lola at the oath taking ceremony

A year after grandma left us, aunt G asked me if I needed a mattress and offered me the one that grandma used. I would love to have grandma's URATEX Double Quilted Mattress. It made mourning much easier. The Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad, orthopedic mattress pad is ideal for people with back problems like me.

Looking Back Memory Lane With Uratex Mattress

When I moved to my new house with my husband, I decided to bring the Uratex foam with me and placed it in the guest room since we extra bed one we received as a wedding gift. It's not a Uratex foam just an old king size bed. The old yet durable and reliable Uratex mattress serves as the resting place for the guests including our in-laws and relatives until one day, I have to give it up and pass on to another family with two active kids. When sister-in-law gave birth to a pretty baby girl, the eldest and the second child left without a bed to sleep at night. Grandma's uratex foam saved them from the cold on the floor.

Looking Back Memory Lane With Uratex Mattress

I wish we could have a Uratex Queen Size Bed which we could also pass on to the next generation, our future children. Indeed, grandma's old Uratex Mattress Foam brought us a lot of wonderful memories. Some sad, many happy stories! Down my memory lane there's URATEX mattress, #ITrustU!

Looking Back Memory Lane With Uratex Mattress
Looking Back Memory Lane With Uratex Mattress


Uratex Foam Philippines said...

Thank you for sharing your story. That was truly inspirational.

Sadia Malik said...

The average life of a low-density pad is 3 to 4 years. Pads that have a low foam density are cheaper because they have a higher air to foam ratio than higher quality models. The foam is initially softer and has a higher temperature sensitivity, which means it reacts to body heat quicker than high-density foam, but they will not last as long. A high-quality topper can last you up to 5 or 6 years and is the best choice when considering a memory foam mattress topper.

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