The Social Entrepreneurs at Gawad Kalinga Farm

My friend and I were talking about a farm and tourism site located just two hours away from Manila. We were thinking of visiting the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan.

The people living in Gawad Kalinga become entrepreneurs. From making peanut butter to designing plush toys, the businesses helps the former slum dwellers to escape poverty and improve their lives.
"The poor do not have many options for work, but social enterprises are a great way to generate jobs and incomes, and benefit many more in the community," said Joni Morales, a manager at Gawad Kalinga, which runs Enchanted Farm. 
At Enchanted Farm, residents built their own two-room homes with materials gifted by donors. Gawad Kalinga's founder Antonio Meloto aims to lift 5 million out of poverty by 2024 through social enterprises.

One example is a healthy and delicious beverage known as Bayani Brew. It's made from natural beverages made from ingredients such as lemongrass and pandan leaves came from GW Enchanted Farm. There are more Philippine-made products available in Gawad Kalinga.

Poverty Reduction Through Social Entrepreneurship Bill

We are still that the Senate approves the Poverty Reduction Through Social Entrepreneurship Bill, designed to include the sector in development plans and increase training and access to funding. In the meantime, there are degrees in social enterprise for those who are interested.

"For the marginalized with little education and few resources, social enterprises are often the only option for financial security, sustainability and empowerment," said Gomer Padong at PSEN, which is pushing for the passage of the bill.

Gawad Kalinga continuous to promote social entrepreneurship and sustainable transformation to end poverty, let's support them.


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