The Anti-Aging Products You Need

Do you agree that our skin reveals our health as well as our age? My friends would always ask me what's the secret to younger looking skin? It's simple, choose products with less chemicals and made of natural ingredients.

Woman in Digital Currently Loving Anti-Aging Skin Care

I use tea tree oil, aloe verawitch hazel, and marula oil. As much as possible, I avoid heavy makeup but when I do, I make sure to use makeup remover such as the Argan Oil Make-up remover cleansing towelettes by Purederm (Php100 for 30 towelettes) to thoroughly cleanse the skin. Lately, I'm obsessed with oil skin care products. 

Purederm Argan Oil Makeup Remover (Php100 or US$1.87)
I've been using T.N. Dickinson's Witch Hazel 100% natural astringent which I bought from Healthy Options. Witch hazel plant are used to extract active properties known as tannins. It's a natural astringent and considered as one of the best natural acne treatments. Witch Hazel helps nourish dry skin and minimize damage from sun exposure and fight signs of premature aging.

T.N. Dickinson's Witch Hazel Woman-in-Digital
T.N. Dickinson's Witch Hazel (US$10-11)
Any anti-aging skin care routine must include a daily application of sunscreen. I choose sunscreen that protects my skin from the harsh and harmful UVA and UVB rays with ultra yet long-lasting Sun Protection Factor.

I'm loving the Biore Face Milk with SPF50. I usually apply Biore Face Milk after using Witch Hazel toner, it also works as a makeup primer.

Biore Face Milk with SPF50
Biore Face Milk with SPF50 (Php397 or US$7.42)
Biore Milk Face comes in a white liquid formula just like milk and leaves a matte finish. It's unscented and easily absorb by the skin.

Biore Face Milk with SPF50

They say our hands, neck, and face reveal our age but I don't believe it. When we don't care enough on our skin care regimen, especially on these areas (face and neck), premature aging reveals. I don't like applying lotion on my hands but it becomes dry and rough. With generous amount of Marks & Spencer Rose Moisturising hand and nail cream, my hands becomes smoother and softer.

Marks & Spencer Rose Moisturising hand and nail cream (Php250)

frequently apply hand lotion 
Sunscreen is best applied 30 minutes before sun exposure. Biore Spray for body (Php350) is light yet ultra-lasting SPF.

It's been three years now that I only choose skin care products that are made with natural ingredients.
I always go for non-drying facial soap. It prevents skin from irritation and becoming dry. You can find several products in the market such as Physiogel and Cetaphil. I also like Dove's bar, the white one. It has 1/4 moisturizer leaving my skin soft and supple. I also tried Dermablend liquid cleanser, a very mild and fragrance free cleaner for all skin types.

To sum it all, anti-aging products should include a good sunscreen, moisturiser, cleanser, and toner.  How about you, ladies? What anti-aging products are you using?

P.S. Photos were taken at the newly opened Holiday Inn Express Manila Newport City.


  1. Kaya pala ang smooth and healthy ang skin mo miss marj ito pala ang beauty regimen mo. Pwede magaya? Hehehe


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