What Your Favorite Fragrance Says About You

Have you ever thought what message is your perfume sending?

Whiff of Perfume

The moment you enter the room, it's your scent that gives people their first impression about you. Your significant others especially your kids knows you well with your scent.

Did you know that your choice of scent reveals your personality. It could convey that you are confident, sexy, sophisticated, or passionate.

Perfume makes me look good for other people. But I also feel good about myself every time I spray a little body scent. I have quite a number of perfume, but there's one or two that has always been a favorite.

Whiff Artisanal Fragrances

A fruity fragrance is marked with freshness. Women who are creative thinker often choose fruity fragrances. Women who loves perfume with notes of vanilla and chocolate are confident and playful. Citrus fragrances gives energy to women who wear it. Perfume makes you feel and look attractive, boosting your confidence.

A had to spray perfume to completes my wardrobe especially if I'm off to meet a client or going to a very important event. My husband knows well the fragrance I love.

A few weeks ago, a black box with eight bottles of perfume from Whiff Perfumery arrived in the mail. Among the eight, my senses immediately noticed the Gardenia Bliss which has the floral scent just like the fresh morning scent.

The Nectarine Passion has a subtle, elegant fragrance while Mango verde has sweet scent and yes it smells sweet mango. White Drops is a fragrance marked with class and sophistication. It's my second favorite. I think the Pacific rain scent is for men who prefers perfume which are not too strong.

Benefits of Perfume

Aside from fragrance, there are several benefits of perfumes. Top of the list is that perfume enhances mood. If you're feeling a bit tired or down, wear something sweet or floral such as the Gardenia Bliss.

Fragrances are used in aromatherapy. They are usually plant-based scents with the effect that is rejuvenating and uplifting. Perfumery uses or added flower and plant extracts such as lavender, bergamot essential oil, just to name a few.

Perfume from Whiff Artisanal Fragrances have these characteristics. A squirt of Pine and Lemon Pleasure, Spring Floral, or Autumn Dew provides a calming and relaxing scent.

It's best to spray a little amount of perfume on the inner wrist, inner elbows, and at the back of your earlobes.

Whiff Artisanal Fragrances is a homegrown brand which started in 2014. Whiff of perfume immediately gained popularity with celebrities, influencers, perfume enthusiasts and even the ordinary people talking about this Artisanal Fragrances. Whiff collaborated with Heart Evangelista and RJ lopena; the first Filipino perfumer trained in the Grasse Institute of Perfumery; for Linger.

You see, whether you're looking for citrus, floral, or strong perfume you can find one from Whiff collection. Follow Whiff Artisanal Fragrances, Inc on Instagram and Facebook, @whiffofperfume or call them at 09178827565.

Share your type of fragrance or favorite scent, I would love to hear your stories as well.


  1. totoo to Ms Marj ung amoy mo na nagiging tatak sa tao e..I remember someone nung high school hahha sya lang may ganun pabango not sure sa brand padala daw un..Til now pag naamoy ko un amoy somewhere else naaalala ko siya ��

  2. sakin more on mild lang kasi, yoko sa mga matamis masyado ang amoy lalo pag gutom ako nakakhilo.

  3. Gusto ko yung mild lang yung scent ng perfume pero lakas makahatak ng amoy. Haahhaa I mean yung kapag nilagay mo yun sa katawan mo confident ka kase db may mga pabango na nakakirita yung amoy pero ung gumamit nun mabango para sa kanila yun. Gusto ko yung kapag naamoy ng iba maiisip na "ay aba palaban to ah", "naks ang bango ang sarap sa ilong" o kaya "ano kaya pabango neto ang bango" GENERN! ������ Basta yung lakas makagoodvibes lang na perfume para happy lang kahet saan :)


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