Curves Circuit: 30 Minute Full Body Workout For Women

It's been a while since I last attended a training class. The last one was a yoga class at Beyond Yoga BGC where I first learned Vinyasa and the basic yoga poses for beginners. After completing 3-4 sessions, I decided to do it on my own, at home. I would watch and follow yoga videos on YT. It's been more a year now since then and I miss attending fitness with a group so I thought of visiting Curves Magnolia.

My First Curves Circuit Experience

Hubby woke up very early to accompany me to the fitness center but he's not allowed to wait inside. Curves Magnolia is an exclusive fitness center for women. It's located at Magnolia residences, at the back of Robinsons Magnolia. The mall opens at 11am but there are restaurants that open as early as 7am such as the The Clubhouse. By the way, this restaurant serves rich and yummy champorado!

The Clubhouse Magnolia

From the registration, a friendly coach approached me, gave a quick tour including how to use the curves equipment.

Curves Magnolia

They offered a locker cabinet for my things. There's toilet and shower room, drinking station serving lemon and cucumber infused water which is highly recommended before and after the training.

Curves Magnolia

Curves is the largest women's fitness franchise in the world offering several fitness activities and training such as yoga, Tai Chi, and circuit training. They offer hydraulic resistance machines  designed to give increasing resistance. As you get stronger, you can push harder and the machines will respond with more resistance until you achieve desired results.

Curves circuit is specially designed for women, the machine works on our muscles as we push and pull. It works alternately on upper and lower body and core muscles. Overall, the Curves circuit provides a full body workout in just 30 minutes.

There are twelve fitness equipment use for Curves Circuit - AB/Back, Stepper, Squat, PECDEC, Oblique, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Latpull, Glute, Dipshrug, Chest, Bicep Tricep. Among my favorites are the stepper, leg press, leg extension, and chest.


I find most difficult doing the squat, latpull, the chest, bicep and tricep exercises. A struggle for me even before, because of my small and weak arms. That's the reason why I joined Curves Magnolia to improve and strengthen my muscles.


I almost Faint on my 1st Curves Circuit

I did the 30 minute Curves circuit training and it's not easy. I was almost at the end, working with GLUTE machine when suddenly I felt my right butt hurts. A sudden, intense pricking pain radiating to the right thigh. I quietly stepped out not to disturb others and signaled one of the coaches. Immediately she assisted and brought me to the warm up machine raising the affected leg to promote circulation. The pain was increasing and I felt like passing out so I asked if I could lie down and she assisted me to the changing room. Coach Mariz came and raised my right leg, she grabbed the muscle and gently released it. I'm not so sure how she did it but slowly the pain subsided. They offered me lots of lemon and cucumber water, it has electrolytes which is needed by the body.

this equipment is used for warm up exercises
The muscle cramps was due to lack of exercise and dehydration. You see how important to do regular exercise and drink more water. It reminded me that exercise should be a priority and not a thing that we only do when we feel like doing. Don't be afraid to try Curves Circuit, it's fun and offers full body workout in just 30 minutes.

Curves is located at Magnolia residences at the back of Robinsons Magnolia, Dona Hemady St. cor. N. Domingo St. New Manila Quezon City, Philippines with mobile numbers +63 906 5267307, +63 949 1111484. You may visit their website at Check our their fan page for the latest promos.

I will definitely go back at Curves Magnolia soon. Do you have questions regarding Curves? Leave them on the comment section below.


  1. Namiss ko na mag work out ! Ang ganda jan .

  2. hala ako din makapagtubig na nga madalas huhu.. i like the place Ms Marj , may gc ata ako before kaso malayo lang..di pla pwde wait hubby sa loob hehe..Sana ma try ko at weekends.


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