My BPI Scan and Pay Shopping Experience at Sinag ng Pasko Bazaar

Pinoy locally made products are truly world class. They can compete anywhere in the world. If you don't own a Philippine-made product then I highly recommend you to visit the most exciting Paskong Pinoy bazaar, the BPI Sinag ng Pasko Bazaar happening today until tomorrow at the Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive.

BPI Scan and Pay Shopping Experience at Sinag ng Pasko

BPI Sinag ng Pasko is a project of BPI Foundation which aims to help Filipino communities showcase their products. Now on its 4th year, the bazaars will be participated by more than fifty social enterprises offering Philippine-made products.

Bazaars are popping up during the December. We love going to bazaars, products are a lot more affordable compared to the mall. However, there's one thing we need when going to bazaar and that is cash!

Bank of the Philippine Islands levels up our bazaar experience with its latest offering, the new BPI Scan and Pay Mobile App using its QR Code. It's a safe, efficient and faster way of making cashless transaction so shoppers don't have to bring cash every time they shop even at bazaars. Moreover, the BPI Scan and Pay is safer compared to other mode of payments because you can enroll or apply for a personalized QR code, so there's no need to show your bank account details. You can even have it printed and just show it in every transaction. But of course, the easiest way is with the BPI Mobile App. Every transaction requires entering a one-time-pin number.


I did some shopping earlier and here are some of the items I bought. Hand-made earrings by Tejo, a social enterprise that empowers Filipino women by making accessories such as earrings, bags, and necklaces. Tejo is offering discounts if you buy three sets. Of course, I did not only because its on sale but the accessories are really gorgeous and "so me".

BPI Sinag Pasko with Tejo Accessories

Human Nature is a popular brand offering beauty, skin care and household products made with natural ingredients. Risque Designs has wide variety of shoes and slip-ons.

BPI Sinag Pasko Risque Designs

If you're looking for weaved products, make sure to visit Xabuko.

Xabuko Sinag Ng Pasko

Sam YG BPI Sinag ng Pasko

As mentioned on my previous blog, we hosted a giveaway #SinagNgPaskoxWomanInDigital to our winners. Eight of them were chosen enjoyed shopping with me this morning. Ely bought some Messy Bessy products and food for pasalubong to his family. Cris wanted to buy items for herself. I told her the accessories suits her personality. 

Sinag ng Pasko LivingMarjorney Giveaway Winners

The two also received additional Php500 for showing us the BPI Mobile App on their smartphones. I hope they had a wonderful time shopping at BPI Sinag ng Pasko. The other six winners did not make it today but they will still receive their Php500 cash prizes.

BPI Scan And Pay Mobile App

Here's the list of merchants and social enterprises participating the bazaar on December 6. 

BPI Sinag Pasko

BPI Sinag Pasko

For more information, you may visit BPI Sinag and BPI on their fan pages.

Make sure to catch the BPI Sinag ng Pasko Bazaar from December 5-6, during mall hours at the Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive. Enjoy the holiday shopping made more convenient with BPI Scan and Pay Mobile App.


  1. Ang gaganda ng mga products talaga, mukhang nagenjoy po kayong laha sa bazaar. ☺ Thanks again miss marj

    1. Indeed! So many local products to choose from and most of them are on sale!

  2. Thank you Mam for the experience sa BPi Sinag. �� Maraming choices talaga na gawang lokal at maganda ang cashless shopping ng bpi.

    1. Nice to meet you Ely! Thanks for coming! Congratulations

  3. Ang saya mamili dyan Ms.Marj ung nabili kong peanut ang sarap ubos na 😊

    1. Glad you enjoyed the shopping experience. Ako din dami ko pang gustong bilihin. They will surely have another bazaar next year!

  4. Wow ang gaganda ng mga napamili nyo sa bazaar. And yes true po yan na may laban ang ating philippine made products. Siper talented kaya ng pinoy,

    1. My favorite is the earrings from Tejo, ang gaganda. When you buy you also help women in their community.


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