Upgrade Your Animation Skills with Toon Boom at iACADEMY

Filipino animators are well-recognized here and abroad. Nelson Bohol, Armand Serrano, and Ruben Aquino are just some who made their mark in the Hollywood. Who knows you might be the next one?

Upgrade Your Animation Skills with Toon Boom at iACADEMY

The demand for animators opens more multimedia job opportunities. Parents can see the potential of their children who are interested in animation or cartoons at an early age. Choosing the best school for animation or related field would hone their talents and creative thinking.

iACADEMY School of Design

Did you know that iACADEMY is the only school in the Philippines that teaches animation in senior high school? They also integrated 1 year of internship and pre-thesis preparation in the curriculum. The iACADEMY Nexus campus in Yakal, Makati offers various courses including animation and robotics, school of design and a lot more. iACADEMY is proud of its huge and complete learning facilities from classrooms limited to only 30 students per class. They have modern and spacious library, innovation room, computer or IMAC laboratory, and most especially studio for special effect lab.

Here's a quick tour inside the iACADEMY Nexus campus.

iACADEMY receives Center of Excellence (CoE) from world’s top animation platform, Toon Boom

The leading supplier of animation software and story board software for animation studio, Toon Boom recognized iAcademy the Center of Excellence after meeting all the requirements set by Toon Boom. This only means that iAcademy is fully qualified and equipped to expertly teach its animation students how to make full use of the Toon Boom platform to create world-class animation productions. Having the CoE, iAcademy (the professors including its students) will also receive the most latest update on Toon Boom.

iAcademy the Center of Excellence

While other schools can use Toon Boom in their animation classes, they are neither certified nor qualified to use 100 percent of the platform.  These schools can only teach their students 1/8th of Toon Boom’s amazing capabilities.

The Toon Boom CoE is awarded to academic institutions (such as iACADEMY) that offer exceptional courses in Animation and Storyboarding with Toon Boom software as their program platform. In its School of Design, iACADEMY uses Toon Boom Harmony 16 in the Anipri (2-5), Thesis (1-3), and 2D Effects animation courses. On the other hand, iACADEMY  uses Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 6 in its Storyboarding (1-2) and Thesis 1 subjects.

The awarding was attended by iACADEMY’s president and CEO Vanessa L. Tanco, along with the institution’s School of Design Dean Mark Meily, Animation Department Chair Prof. Weena Espardinez, and Animation Department Prof. Peter Brown.

iACADEMY receives Center of Excellence by Toon Boom
iACADEMY NEXUS campus receives Center of Excellence by Toon Boom
Toon Boom came to the Philippines to personally give the certificate to iACADEMY. Toon Boom Asia Pacific Director of Sales Mr. Bernard Boiteux, and Mr. Aymeric Pons, Toon Boom Sales Head  for Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, and Taiwan.

with Toon Boom Executives
with Toon Boom Executives
iACADEMY and Toon Boom
iACADEMY and Toon Boom

Sony, Lucasfilm, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, and a lot more are the biggest names in global animation and entertainment uses Toon Boom. Filipino animators are behind the popular cartoons Scooby Doo, Addams Family, The Mask, Captain Planet, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles.

Animation at iACADEMY

The courses offered at iACADEMY are designed to provide foundation in preparation for future job. Students who wishes to upgrade their animation skills with Toon Boom may inquire at iACADEMY Nexus Campus. Be updated with the latest in home, lifestyle, beauty and gadgets from Woman In Digital through Email Subscription here, Like our Facebook Page, Twitter @LivingMarjorney and Instagram.


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