Coco Martin On Becoming a Responsible Driver

There's so many things I learned while traveling, one is conquering my fear. Before, I was afraid to ride a motorcycle so I understand if you're not comfortable as well. I also felt the same way.

But with the usual traffic in Manila, many Filipinos including me would take a motorcycle just to be on time. My brother owns and drives his own motorcycle and I always remind him to check his vehicle and drive safely.

Land tour via motorcycle in Samal
Land tour via motorcycle in Samal

Riding a Motorcycle in Style

In our trips, we've been to places that can only be reached with a two-wheeled vehicle. Last month, we were in Samal island and enjoyed sightseeing riding a motorcycle. From Penaplata all the way to Kaputian beach, we were able to visit different tourist attraction.

Coco Martin on Becoming A Responsible Driver

Last Sunday, I learned the "biker" side of this top young actor, Coco Martin aka "Kardo". Wildly popular for his long-running action TV series “Ang Probinsyano”, Coco Martin admits that aside from his family and his craft, one thing that gives him pure joy is riding his motorcycle. Whenever possible, Coco would be seen riding a motorcycle in his films or in TV dramas.

Shell Promo
Shell Promo

“Kung mapapansin niyo, lagi akong gumagamit ng motorsiklo pag gumagawa ako ng mga pelikula at soap opera kasi isa ‘yun sa mga trademark ko at isa ‘yun sa mga passion ko kaya pinapakita ko ‘to sa mga pelikula,” Coco said.
He started riding at the age of 16 when he worked as a tricycle driver to have money for school. Not one to hide his modest roots, Coco admits that he used to drive his lola’s tricycle at night until the wee hours of the morning so he could have “baon” for school.
“Bata pa lang po ako, ito na ang ikinabubuhay ng aming pamilya. Ang lolo ko ay jeepney driver at ang tatay ko po ay ganu’n din. Ang lola ko naman ay may tricycle na pamasada. Noong matuto akong mag-motor, ipinasada ko na ang tricycle ng lola ko pangtulong sa pamilya, at pambaon ko sa eskuwela,” said Coco.
That started his love for motorcycles so much so that when he started earning, initially from doing indie films, his thoughts turned to making the future for his family which was why he bought three tricycles and a brand new jeepney for his father to continue the family business.

Coco’s is now a proud owner of not one, not two, but 11 motorcycles. Of the 11 bikes, he has a current favorite, which he says provides both comfort and an adrenaline rush.

Being a responsible biker

Coco admits that he was a reckless driver when he started and has had a few accidents. Over the years, he realized the importance of being a responsible biker by undergoing proper safety training. Part of being a responsible owner, Coco said, is making sure that your motorcycle is well-maintained and in tip-top condition.
“Siyempre, iniingatan ko ‘yung mga motor ko. Unang-una, ‘yung maintenance hindi dapat pinapabayaan. Shell Advance ang lagi kong ginagamit  na langis para mapanatili kong malinis at malakas ang makina ng mga motor ko,” Coco said.
That was the reason why it was very easy for Coco to accept the invitation of Shell to become its brand ambassador for Shell Advance.
“Alam ko kasing mapapagkatiwalaan ng mga nagmo-motor ang Shell Advance dahil ako mismo, ito ang gamit ko. Kaya madali rin para sa akin na i-endorse din ito sa iba pang motorcycle riders para sa maintenance ng kanilang mga motor,” Coco added.
Shell Advance has a complete range of motorcycle and scooter oils specifically formulated to give complete engine protection so that you can outride anything. Motorcycle enthusiasts like Coco Martin regularly use Shell Advance because it maximizes horsepower, enhances fuel economy, keeps pistons clean, provides superior wear protection and protects against extreme heat.

Selfie with Coco Martin
Selfie with Coco Martin

Shell Advance is one among the many products that form part of Shell’s 105-year legacy of service and quality, all of which aim to make the future for motorists - whether riders of motorcycles and tricycles or drivers of cars and trucks.

To learn more about Shell, you may visit their page at

So much so and have been said about motorcycle, that it is not safe. Whenever I ride a motorcycle or any vehicle and feel uncomfortable, I would simply and respectfully remind the driver to take it easy. Life is too short, take the trip!


  1. Wow! Thank you for the tips po. Minsan hindi maiwasan talaga kasi nagmamadali. Take it essy ika nga. Will keep that in mind whenever im taking a ride po😊

    1. I enjoyed riding a motorcycle in the province habang namamasyal. Ang saya lang, we even sing habang tumatakbo. :)


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