Freedom Summit: How to Create A Life That Lets You Live Anywhere and Travel The World

Freedom is more than just being free to do whatever you want. Perhaps you know someone who hopes to be free of debt and financial difficulties. Someone might be thinking how to achieve freedom at work. 

My previous job eats up most of my time. Although I work forty hours a week, but most of the time I spent it on the road enduring the traffic. Until I learned how to use the internet with a purpose. I bought my first laptop in 2008, created this blog in 2010, publish my first blog post and the rest was history.

Woman in Digital Freedom Summit

Being in the blogging industry for almost a decade now, I learned how to make money online, use my skills in photography and earn from it. Blogging has opened several opportunities including traveling. Most importantly, I met inspiring people who taught me to become better in what I am doing.

Last Friday, I met Ricky Shetty and his team who came in Manila for the Freedom Summit 2019.

Freedom Summit Team in Manila
Freedom Summit Team in Manila with bloggers and members of the media.

Freedom is what mastery in the digital space is about – and it is accelerating from being a trend to becoming a lifestyle.

Digital nomadism, online entrepreneurship, and digital marketing - they are all growing rapidly. But basically it brings freedom to one’s lifestyle – it literally means doing the work that you enjoy, promoting yourself and your skills as your own brand just like what I do as a blogger behind Woman in Digital. One of the advantages of becoming a digital marketer is that I got to earn, work anywhere and even travel to different places.

Ricky Shetty
Ricky Shetty talks about how to achieve financial freedom, time freedom,
and location independence. 

Freedom Summit in Manila

Philippine-based Canadian national and ‘daddy blogger’ Ricky Shetty, founder of Freedom Summit together with international public speaking guru Mitch Carson, summit director, and Filipina digital entrepreneur Celia Alamo-Jacob, conference producer and fellow internet marketers in the summit, the group came to the Philippines to teach Filipinos the secrets in becoming a digital nomad.

Filipina digital entrepreneur Celia Alamo-Jacob

Freedom Summit Local and International Speakers

I had a quick conversation with Michelle Abraham of AmplifYou. Michelle shared her passion in podcasting, I also felt the interest to start my own podcast. Her knowledge and passion for business has led her to the creation and sale of three successful companies. Her love for traveling lead her freedom. She has visited 37 countries.

Myke Celis is an internationally certified life coach, bestselling author, international TEDx speaker, and multimedia personality.

"Coaching is the target to help people move forward." says Andrew Heng. At the summit, he shared how to optimize and work repeatedly to succeed.

Joan Kaylor is an energy wellness coach and consultant. She is a bestselling instructor on Udemy.

Michelle Abraham of AmplifYou

Some of the topics covered in the Summit include:

10 Ways To Make Income Online As A Digital Nomad
How To Get Started As A Digital Nomad
How To Get Sponsored Sightseeing, Food, Accommodation, and Transport As A Digital Nomad Travel Blogger
How To Create A Life That Lets You Live Anywhere and Travel The World
How To Get Rich In Your Niche
How You Can Get Outside Your Comfort Zone And Succeed

For more details, click on

Freedom Summit Global in Manila

I missed the Freedom Summit last weekend but I am glad I was able to talked to these wonderful team of Freedom Summit Global. I look forward to their future events in Manila. Are you also interested in learning how to create a life that lets you earn while traveling? Share your thoughts and we would love to read them.


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