Part 1: Things To Do in Bataan

Bataan is one of the must-visit summer destinations in the Philippines (hot-dry season). Aside from its beautiful beach, fresh and delicious seafood, Bataan is also is also rich in  history and culture.

It's been more than seven years since the last time I visited Bataan. A few weeks ago I decided to schedule a day tour to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar with two of my cousins. Initially, I thought of leaving Manila early morning and come back in the afternoon until I decided to visit our relatives in Mariveles. We also had to come a day earlier for our trip to Camaya Coast.

Ferry Boat to Camaya Coast

We were at the LRT station as early as 5pm so as not to miss the 6:30am ferry ride going to Camaya Coast. The ferry docks at Esplanade terminal in Mall of Asia. We arrived around six in the morning and the terminal was a bit chaotic, lol! There's a long queue waiting for their boarding passes. Finally by quarter to seven, we received our boarding passes. Off we go!

Camaya Coast
The private boat by Camaya Coast left Manila around 7am and arrived in Mariveles at 9:30 in the morning.

Mariveles, Bataan
The entire ferry ride was smooth and comfortable. Although it was not my first time as I tried it in the past, I remember we used to call it bullet ferry. I did not felt dizzy and really enjoyed my time with the group. We went to the second floor for a better view of the ocean and Corregidor island.

My heart beats faster as the boat comes closer to the docking station in Mariveles, it's been nine years since the last time I came here. I have fond memories in Bataan while growing up. My heart is full and grateful for my cousins, especially to my uncle and auntie who always welcome me during summer vacation.

Camaya Coast

At Camaya Coast, we were welcomed by Mhelai our contact person. She toured us to see the properties including the lots for sale at Camaya Coast. If you're interested, you may email me so I can provide her contact details.

After a quick tour, our group had lunch at Max's restaurant but we decided to bring our meals by the beach. There are tables for guest use and you are allowed to eat but please make sure to do aftercare.

Camaya Coast offers day tour and overnight accommodation. Several restaurants are located inside the property, it would not be a problem if you feel hungry.

Bataan beach was beautiful with brown-black sand. The water is clear but not as blue or crystal green probably because of the sand. Water is shallow so kids enjoy playing by the beach. We did not catch the sunset because we had to leave and join the bus going back to the city, but we were told it's beautiful and you can see it at the beach area.

There are souvenir shops and a Giordano store in case you need extra clothes. Before leaving Camaya Coast, we had meryenda at Pancake House before we left the resort. We also spot Figaro, Big Chill, the Sand Bar, Buco shop just to name a few.

Things to do in Camaya Coast

  1. Swim at the beach and/or at the infinity pool.
  2. You can also use their bike for free, just present an ID.
  3. Enjoy the inflatable pool but you have to register first. The resort will provide the life vest and a guide.
  4. Eat and relax. There are tables and chairs for free to use. There's a lovely cottage by the beach which you can also rent.
  5. Sun bathing if you want to get a tan.
  6. Play volleyball.
  7. Stay overnight at their hotel or condotel.
  8. Property tour.

We truly enjoyed the whole day at Bataan beach. We spend the rest of the evening at my uncle's house in Karagatan village. All of us woke up excited for our Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar


  1. Wow may Camaya din po pala sa bataan kala ko subic lang hehe, ganda dyan kakarelax talaga masaya pag may mga kasama hehe 😍👍

  2. Ganda pala dyan Ms Marj sa Camaya ☺️ mukhang di ata crowded sarap umupo dyan sa tapat ng beach☺️


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