Easy Nail Art with Caronia Tropical Glam Collection

How can I forget the TV advertisement of Caronia, a nail polish brand that has been in the market for almost five decades. My grandma, mom, and aunties use Caronia nail polish. Every time I have a manicure-pedicure schedule with our home service manicurista, I would always look for her Caronia nail polish and choose the shade that suits the occasion.

Easy Nail Art with Caronia Tropical Glam Collection
Caronia Products
Caronia hosted an intimate gathering for lifestyle and beauty bloggers to introduce its latest collection, the Tropical Glam Collection.

Caronia Shimmer Set
It comes in two sets of shades - metallic and shimmer. Please refer to the photo below for the different colors/shades. The shimmer set comprises of three different shades namely limelight, primrose which is matte, and fantasia (it has glitters).

  • Limelight is a glittery ocean green shade and, just like the ocean, it sparkles in the sun. 
  • Primrose is a baby pink in matte finish perfect for a rustic summer feel.
  • Fantasia is a glittery darker pink shade that sparkles with any outfit; 

The Caronia Tropical Glam Metallic Set has Lumina, Fairy Dust and Ethereal.

  • Lumina has a light gold shimmer that perfectly gives off that earthy summer vibe.
  • Fairy Dust is a metallic silver like the sparkling waves of the sea.
  • Ethereal is a shimmering deep rose gold that blends well with any outdoor summer activity.  

Caronia Tropical Glam
Caronia Tropical Glam Collection
They brought nail art experts to do our nails. We chose from various nail art designs, there's palm and trees, metallic, glossy and matte.

I had the palm nail art and use the glossy or shiny nail color. The matte nail polish are pretty as well especially the light pink.

Caronia Facebook and Instagram Page: https://www.facebook.com/CaroniaPhilippines/

Caronia has released a first edition of a DIY Nail Art magazine to its partner salons nationwide and girls can choose from an assortment of nail art concepts using the Tropical Glam collection. The magazine features 50 different nail arts in celebration of Caronia's 50th year anniversary. Everyone went home with this DIY Nail Art Magazine and the latest Caronia Summer Collection. Congratulations to Caronia!


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