Getting to Know Mrs. Hyacinth "Cindy" Lotuaco-Ejercito

"Time, family and friends - three things or values I learned after cancerI just pray to get me through the day. Try to be good. If you are good to peopleiba ang fullfillmentLife is too short to burden yourself with problems." - Mrs. Cindy Ejercito.

Oftentimes we think about individuals in politics and their immediate family as serious individuals who talk about national issues affecting our country. We sometimes overlook that they are also human beings who also face problems and can feel hurt just like most of us.

In this short interview with Mrs. Cindy Ejercito, wife of reelectionist JV Ejercito, sometime last week, I hope you will find some inspiration from a strong woman who beat breast cancer.

Cindy Ejercito
Cindy and Yours Truly
Personally, I grew up in an environment with family members working for the government, perhaps it is best to say "working in the government to serve the people". I had the opportunity to meet and even work with various types of people including ambassadors, senators, and military officers (when I was in the military hospital). Moreover, I love talking to the officers' family or dependents where I learned a lot from being a wife and mom.

In a recent informal meet-up with Mrs. Hyacinth "Cindy" Lotuaco-Ejercito, she shared with us her role as a mom, wife, a friend, but most of all, her inspiring stories in battling cancer.

Here are some of the questions I asked from her..

What is a typical day for Mrs. Ejercito?

"When it is school days, I usually wake up before six in the morning for my son and prepares him for school. If JV has no appointment, he would bring him to school. At twelve in the afternoon, I hear mass before I go back to work. In the afternoon, I pick-up my son in school and bring him to tutorial class. We usually have dinner at home.

Are you a strict mom?

I would think so kasi si JV is more of the spoiler so ako yun more of a disciplinarian. Kailangan balance eh. At an early age, you have to teach your son values kasi importante sa foundation ng bata, growing up malaman nya anu yung tama.

How do you usually spend quality time with the family?

JV loves to eat. Sometimes I cook, if I don't cook we usually eat out or go out of town. Yun usually bonding moment namin as a family. Mrs. Ejercito gladly shared a simple salad recipe using cabbage or pechay.

How do you take care of your self? What is your message to women who wants to look young with their age.

Siguro, try to live a life without stress. I know it is hard, very hard to live your life without problems but for me trust in the Lord, alam naman natin everybody goes in trials. I just pray to get me through the day and try to be good. If you are good to people, iba ang fullfillment. Life is too short to burden yourself with problems.

What is your beauty secret?

"Moisturiser" I'm not a fan of going to beauty or facial clinics. This friend of mine owns the product I am using, the Pili beauty. I moisturise day and night. Tamad ako magpunta sa beauty clinic.

Being a Cancer Advocate

Mrs. Ejercito was very humble to talk about her advocacy. In fact, she refused to provide information about a group she is supporting somewhere in Alabang. I decided to asked her close friend instead.

"JV found out how difficult to have cancer and so he crafted a bill, the Universal Health Care Bill as referred "JV Ejercito Law", authored and sponsored by Sen. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito." she said.

What is your message to the people?

"I know JV is such a dedicated public servant. I know what's in his heart. I know he's there to serve the people. He wants to serve and wants to make a difference."

Sen. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito
Sen. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito
Reelectionist JV Ejercito, also known as “Mr. Healthcare” for spearheading the Universal Health Care, said the law would address the various gaps in the cancer care continuum and integrated solutions. This computes to a figure of approximately 110,000 new cancer cases and over 66,000 cancer deaths each year. National Integrated Cancer Control Act measure, now Republic Act No. 11215.

President Duterte last February signed into law Republic Act No. 11223, otherwise known as “Universal Health Care Act.”

Cindy Ejercito, Cancer Survivor
The soft-spoken, Mrs. Cindy Ejercito
Lessons learned after cancer?

Later in the interview, Cindy shared her journey battling from cancer. Mrs. Ejercito became emotional as she talked about her unpleasant experiences with cancer. Remembering the time she was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2 and how worried she was about her son who was then around five or six years old.

It was through her family's love and support that she made it throughout the treatment.

As a cancer survivor, Mrs Cindy Lotuaco-Ejercito would like to help others who are experiencing the darkest days of their lives fighting for cancer.

Cancer is now one of the leading causes of death in the Philippines in 2019. Number of cases still grow but with early detection and proper treatment, prognosis is good with high chance for survival.

Cindy-Ejercito with son Julio Jose
Cindy Ejercito with son Julio
Watch the entire interview on my IGTV here.

We asked Mrs. Cindy Ejercito if she has plans of running for political office? "Tama na yung sya na lang (referring to JV)" she responded. Cindy helps in the campaign for husband JV Ejercito who is running for senator this 2019 election.


  1. i cant imagine her pain, agony and sacrifices in battling cancer �� nakakatakot yang sakit na yan hays esp sa mga less fortunate na di kaya ipagamot ang sarili. Well, she's a mom, like us na mas nanaig yung worries for the children. Truly inspiring nalampasan nya ❤️
    I love her words of wisdom.


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