Find the Right Employee by Using JobStreet's Law Of Attraction

This bowl of green salad with sliced of grilled chicken is a good example of a balance meal. Just like our meal, employees want balance in place of work. Personally, my top three things to consider when looking for a job in the Philippines include a healthy environment, stability, and the people I will be working with.

JobStreet's Law Of Attraction
JobStreet's Law Of Attraction

To help employers understand and address these industry specific challenges, is launching a knowledge resource called Laws of Attraction. commissioned a study involving 18,378 Filipino employees across different job levels in 25 key industries. The result from the study determined several key factors. It also revealed that these factors are not the same across different industries.

JobStreet's Law Of Attraction
JobStreet's Law Of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the new online tool that provides insights drawn from's comprehensive study of Filipino workers, allowing employers to develop effective strategies for attracting and keeping satisfied employees. It is the latest in the arsenal of tools that has made the leading talent partner for hirers in the Philippines.

Different industries attract different people. What we learned is that candidates from different industries have different goals and are therefore driven by different motivations," says Philip Gioca, Country Manager of "Understanding these minute differences could hold the key to increasing job satisfaction among employees.

The study explains why there is no singe cookie-cutter approach to attracting and retaining employees. The data draws the difference between industries. While salary is the key driver for those in Call Center (BPO) jobs, it only ranks second for those in Engineering, which ranks Career/Development opportunities as the primary motivation.

JobStreet's Law Of Attraction

Those with government jobs are driven by higher job security; on the other hand, for people in Marketing/Advertising/Media, job security is the lowest concern.

The result also reveals that different age groups tend to favor different industries. More Gen Z employees are more likely towards Accounting and Marketing, while Millennials prefer healthcare and consulting jobs in Science and Technology. General and Wholesale trading, the Automotive industry, and IT are skewed in favor of Gen X.

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