One Less Worry Working as a Freelancer

I used to work as a nurse in a military until I decided to leave my job and pursue my dreams of migrating to another country.

While preparing for the US Nursing board exam, I decided to create a blog, LivingMarjorney to share my medical knowledge, health and wellness and everything in between.

When I left my full time job, it felt scary and at the same time liberating. I have more free time to do things I love like traveling. No more graveyard shifts, no more duties on holidays. However, I admit I was scared at same time. I lost a steady income stream, health coverage and other benefits. Yet I do not, for a minute, regret getting out of my comfort zone.

It is challenging. Gladly, I am a self-starter, so that takes care of the first step. Then there are the many steps that follow: looking for clients and maintaining them, working indefinite hours, dealing with people of various personalities and tempers, finding writing subjects that are compatible with my natural inclinations.

What I am truly thankful for is that through this journey filled with both excitement and uncertainty, there’s one aspect of the job that I no longer have to worry about: payments.

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I have long been using GCash to settle my bills, online payments and other transactions, and so I know its advantages. I convinced my clients to download the app. It’s available across networks, so virtually anyone with a smartphone can use it.

The great thing with GCash Send Money is that it isn’t limited by banking hours, and transactions are real-time. It is perfect for me because I can set payment deadlines outside traditional office hours, even on weekends. I know how tied down they are 12 hours a day, and so I make such allowances.

I am happy to say that I’ve developed great relationships with my clients, and payments - which can be a thorny part of being in the gig economy - have always been on time. It’s just too easy, they have no excuse not to be prompt! No lining up in banks or payment centers.

My clients shared, too, that they have come to learn how to use GCash for other transactions, like paying bills. They find it so convenient. It saves time and energy, thus making them more productive.

I can say the same for me. Having GCash as my main payment platform has made my freelance life a little less scary. Free from worries of whether or not the payments would come through, I can focus my energy on meeting my deadlines and building my clientele.

How about you? Have you tried GCash? Download the app now and enjoy the many benefits of this mobile wallet.


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