My Favorite Milk Tea Variant from Coco

Taiwan street food is one of the things you should include in your itinerary when you visit Taipei. There's stinky tofu, crispy chicken cutlet, spring onion pancakes, Taiwanese pork sausages but my personal favorite is the Taiwanese misua. For the drinks, of course I go for  milk and fruit teas. We went to Taiwan last year and visited different milk tea shops in Taipei including CoCo Milk Tea. Imagine our joy when the hotel we stayed, Cherry Hotel offers unlimited milk tea. You just have to get it in the fridge.

Coco Milk Tea Shop in Taipei
Coco Milk Tea Shop in Taipei

My husband loves milk tea. He likes pearls or sago and can consume more than three cups in just one sitting. He can tell you what's the best milk tea in town, which brand is consistent when it comes to pearls.

CoCo is one of go-to-place for milk teas. They are a lot more affordable compared to other brands and their pearls are perfectly cooked. Taiwan's CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice offers different variants of milk tea and for those who are lactose intolerant, CoCo offers refreshingly and delicious fruit teas. Take note that it has real fruits and not just flavorings. Order the passion fruit or the orange fruit tea.

Coco Milk Tea Shop in Taipei
Coco in a street in Taipei

Last week, CoCo Milk Tea hosted its first CoCo Chill Camp at the SM Megamall's Fashion Hall. It was well-attended by CoCo milk tea lovers, influencers and bloggers.

Coco Chill Champ at SM Megamall
Coco Chill Champ at SM Megamall

Social media rockstars, who are self-confessed CoCo lovers, ThatsBella, Rei Germar, Janina Vela and LA Aguinaldo, joined the other CoCo fans on the opening day, sharing their love for the brand and revealing their favorite CoCo drinks. ThatsBella and Rei also had the opportunity to visit Taiwan last month to interview CoCo founder Chairman Tommy Hung.

Coco Pearl Milk Tea
Coco Pearl Milk Tea

Everyone had their favorite milk and fruit teas. I ordered four, haha! I had the Panda Milk Tea, Passion Fruit Tea Burst, and the newest Caramel Chocolate Cream Crush. Of course my love made sure to participate in the games and booths while I was relaxing in one corner enjoying my CoCo Panda Milk Tea.

Coco Passion Fruit Tea
Coco Passion Fruit Tea

The event showcased fun activities for everyone’s delight, including a CoCo Panda Pit, CoCo Pachinko, and CoCo Pearl Toss. These games come with with exciting prizes for lucky guests. 

I'm sure if you've already tried CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice. What's your favorite variant? Is it the Panda Milk Tea, 3 Buddies Milk Tea, White Pearl Milk Tea, or Passion Fruit Tea Burst?


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