Healthcare Advances in Taiwan Gives Hope to Patients

Traveling is no longer for pleasure and vacation, today people go to another country to seek medical advise and treatment. 

Searching for the most advanced cancer centers in the world, countries like Australia, United States, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden offer the best cancer treatment. Unfortunately, not everyone have access and opportunity to travel as far as US to get medical treatment. First it could be very costly, second most patients cannot endure long trips with their medical condition.

Taiwan Medical Technology Seminar 2019
Taiwan Medical Technology Seminar 2019

The good news is that Filipinos who would want to seek cancer care, for instance, need not have to fly sixteen hours to United States or eight hours to Sydney, Australia for treatment. State-of-the-art hospitals, advanced medical technology and cancer care institute are available in Kaohsiung, Taiwan which is only four hours flight from Manila.

Taiwan Medical Technology Seminar 2019

At the recently help, Taiwan Medical Technology Seminar 2019, various hospitals and heath care facilities in Kaohsiung, Taoyuan, and Taipei gathered together to present their advanced treatment and precision diagnostics for various diseases such as complex congenital heart disease, hepatic and breast cancer and even reconstructive microsurgery.

TAITRA Taiwan Medical Tech Seminar
Manila to Kaohsiung travel time is 4hours and 15minutes

TAITRA Taiwan Medical Tech Seminar
Laser Acupuncture - No Puncture. Laser benefits include less pain, reduces inflammation,
regenerates tissue and promotes circulation.

Filipinos can easily visit Taiwan with its visa-free entry until 2020. 
The seminar held in Manila Hotel aims to establish a solid partnership with Filipino doctors and hospitals in providing access to advanced medical treatments for Filipino patients. Medical breakthroughs presented including the use of 4-needle in treatment of certain cancers.

Taiwan Medical Tech KMUH
TAITRA, Taiwan Medical Technology Seminar 2019 in Manila

Taiwan is just two hours from the Philippines. The proximity of Taiwan and the above mentioned advancement in medical technology, it will be one of the top destination for medical treatment as well as medical tourism. These breakthroughs and medical advancements certainly brings hope to patients and their families. Taiwan's medical technology contribute to global disease prevention and treatment of terminal diseases.


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