Join Maine Mendoza As She Fights Germs with Hygienix

The news about polio virus and meningococcemia (meningococcal septicemia) is scary. Polio virus as well as meningococcemia can be easily transmitted from an infected person to another person. Polio virus can be transmitted through fecal matter entering the mouth. On the other hand, meningococcemia can be transmitted very fast through droplets of respiratory or throat secretions from an infected person, example is through sneezing. The good news is that we can avoid these diseases. Take note that proper hand washing plays an important role in preventing transmission of diseases.

Maine Mendoza leads the Shower Rangers as she Fights World Germination with Hygienix

The fight against world germination is not over, Maine Mendoza is here to win it with
Hygienix. Have you seen the TVC that showcases Maine Frame, as the leader of the Shower Rangers, a band of four superheroes which represent the power of Hygienix products. Tito Boy Abunda also promotes Hygienix.
Their weapon of choice is the Hygienix Germicidal Soap, a non-drying, refreshingly scented, super sulit germ-killer that helps protect users from disease-causing bacteria. With its powerful formula, it leaves skin feeling moisturized and energized.

The Hygienix Germicidal Soap kills 99.99% of germs and common disease-causing bacteria with every use. You can get Hygienix soap for only 12 pesos. If you are on-the-go like Maine, the pocket-sized Hygienix Germkill Hand Spray and Hygienix Germkill Gel Sanitizer are ideal to keep your hands nourished, refreshed, and moisturized when facing your everyday battle against germs. I also carry this hand spray wherever I go.

Hygienix is also the hands-down choice for Alcohol. Available in two variants, the Germkill Alcohol effectively kills germs and disinfects with a mild fragrance; while the Germkill Alcohol with moisturizer boasts of a moisture balance formula that protects the skin from germs and dryness. Maine said it herself, “Not today, germs!”. Join Maine and her fight against world germination with Hygienix now.

Prevention is better than cure. Remember to keep your hands clean by washing it with a germ-fighting soap such as Hygienix. Have you tried Hygienix?


  1. Yes, proper handwashing po talaga. Napanood ko advertisement nila ,nakakatuwa sila Maine at Tito Boy. Mabango din eto kaya meron ang kids ko nito or ako sa bag, di kasi maiwasan kng saan saan hahawak or ang ang spread ng ng virus kung saan. Unlike sa iba na matapang amoy,bet namin eto dahil mild at di di matapang.

  2. Yes mabango pa ito at affordable miss marj tuwang tuwa mga kids ko pag my dala sila laging ganito for safety na din sa germs kasi.


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