Why Millennials Should Start Saving as Early as Today

I wish I knew more about savings, investment, the stock market when I was in high school. I might have saved a lot when I started during my younger years. 

Saving and Investment at Early Age
Saving and Investment as early as today

When I got married a few years back, that was then I realized that I’m not financially ready to even support myself when something happened. Blaming myself won’t help, I can’t bring back time but I can still make up for what was lost and start building for the future.

Now that I’m married and if blessed to have kids in the future, I will encourage them to start investing and saving as soon as possible. My husband can teach them about the stock market and they don't have to wait to get older before they learn these things.

Small Steps to Financial Freedom

I cannot say that I’ve already achieved financial freedom right now, but at least I’m aware of my financial status now. Reviewing cash flow means going over your expenses and knowing how much you have is the first thing I did when I decided I wanted to achieve financial freedom.

Saving for the future
Learning how to invest, understanding mobile banking and stock market.

Second is to take steps to improve my spending habits. Practice discipline. Heard the saying "spend less than what you earn”.

Protecting yourself is the third step. You can do it setting up an emergency fund and getting a health and life insurances. Because life is uncertain, it is better that we are ready for emergency or life changes.

Fourth is learning about investments. I believe companies such as BDO offers Easy Investment Plans. The foundation makes efforts to educate people, especially students on the importance of savings. I’ve been a BDO client for several years now and it feels good every time I would visit them and ask for investment and saving options. I appreciate how quickly they would respond for the times I need bank documents whenever I travel abroad.

Next is having an accountability buddy is important. He or she is a person whom you can be trusted with all your financial details. He can be your partner, husband/wife, or sibling. For some of us, he/she is your financial advisor. You can also talk to your bank who can discuss investment and saving options.

BDO Foundation’s Ongoing Efforts towards Financial Literacy

The government and private sectors are working together to provide financial literacy in different schools in the country. I can still remember attending an event about spearheading financial education. BDO Foundation, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and the Dept. of Education are working closer to maximize the benefits of their financial education program for public school students.

BDO Foundation Financial Literacy Program
BDO Foundation, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and the Dept. of Education
BDO Foundation, BSP and DepED provided learning materials for Kinder to Grade 12 pupils focus on saving and the value of money. Materials to teach the young ones on how to save and when to spend tackled on The Araling Panlipunan. Math subject covers budgeting and financial planning. While the Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao lessons will discuss the importance of hard work and resourcefulness in earning extra income.

Something to look forward to is BDO’s series of webisodes focused on financial education is now in the works as part of BDO’s efforts to support the financial inclusion advocacy of BSP. It aims to teach effective ways to also help millennials manage their money early on in their lives and help them achieve financial independence when they grow older.

To catch BDO’s efforts on Financial Literacy’s webisodes & other offers, you may start following them by subscribing to the BDO’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/BDOPhilippines.


  1. Hala ang Ganda naman nito miss marj I share ko ito sana nung Bata high school PA ako may ganito na.. Mag inquire ako nito sa bdo branch sa amin


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