Colored My Hair with Tints of Nature: Organic and Naturally-Derived Hair Color

It's been six months since I started the curly girl method, an approach to caring for natural curly hair. The method uses hair care products that are paraben free conditioner, low-poo or no sulfate shampoos. I've been using Andalou that I got from the Healthy Options. Sometimes, I find the journey quite tedious like the scrunching but I love how my hair looks better now. CGM brings out the natural curl in my hair. I planned to continue the curly girl method but I also want to change my hair style by coloring my hair so I revisited Healthy Options for safe, organic hair color where I learned about tints of nature.

Colored My Hair with Tints of Nature
The Great Wall of China. Hair Colored with Tints of Nature 5N (Light Brown). OOTD Uniqlo

I never thought I would color my hair that soon, it's barely five month since I started cgm. I'm afraid it could damage my hair and scalp. The invitation to attend the Healthy Hair Workshop hosted by Healthy Options was very timely. They introduced tints of nature, an organic hair coloring products that also makes our hair vibrant and soft without applying harmful ingredients.

Colored My Hair with Tints of Nature
Colored My Hair with Tints of Nature 5N

Tints of Nature
tints of nature
tints of nature originated from United Kingdom and is now available in over 50 countries. It offers a wide range of hair color. Available are henna creams (semi-permanent) and permanent hair colors. tints of nature helps cover grey hair and brings back the shine and vibrant in our tresses. Tints of Nature is made with all-natural ingredients including fennel seed extract, wheat protein, shea butter, black oats, aloe and green tea that protects color and soothes the scalp. It is vegan friendly, gentle, and safe to use.

Tints of Nature Permanent Hair Color
tints of nature Permanent Hair Color
Henna cream, semi-permanent hair color

tints of nature is genuine with patented home hair color formulation. It's the first home hair color to use 75% certified organic and 95% naturally-derived ingredients. Tints of Nature promises long lasting hair color. The product is ammonia and paraben free, gluten and GMO free. It is also dermatologist tested.

Coloring My Hair with Tints of Nature 5N (Light Brown with hints of red)

We had a one-on-one consultation with Chloe. She recommended the tints of nature Permanent Hair Color 5N for my hair and regular use of tints of nature Hydrate to treat frizzy and dryness.

My hair color before using Tints of Nature
tints of nature 5N box comes with:

1. Clarifying shampoo (10ml/0.35 fl oz)
2. Plastic gloves and developing cap
3. Easy to follow instruction leaflet
4. Color gel (50 ml/1.76 fl oz)
5. Colourfix (50 ml/1.76 fl oz)
6. Shampoo (10ml/0.35 fl oz)
7. Conditioner (10 ml/0.35 fl oz)

Tints of Nature Packaging
To use, mix equal amounts of colour gel and colourfix, that is mixing ratio of 1:1. Before the procedure, I washed my hair with tints of nature clarifying shampoo to remove chemical build-up from using various hair products such as gel. No need to get a separate bottle of clarifying shampoo. it comes with a single use sachet included in the packaging.

Coloring my hair with Tints of Nature 5N
Since I'm not good in coloring my hair alone, I booked an appointment/home service with a beautician. Second step is to mix the solution and hair color then applied at the back of my hands to check for possible allergies. Then she evenly applied the tints of nature 5N (natural light brown) hair color onto my hair, cover and waited for forty minutes before rinsing.

I love that it has no heavy smell at all. The solution is non-irritating to the scalp as well. After care includes using tints of nature shampoo and conditioner and the tints of nature Hydrate.

Tints of Nature Hydrate Hair Conditioner
My hair started to look vibrant and soft on the 5th day after coloring. It has a hint of red or burgundy more noticeable during day time. Grey hair coverage is okay. I realized I wanted darker brown shade maybe I should try 6C or higher the next time.

three days after hair coloring

tints of nature products
one week after coloring my hair with tints of nature 5N

tints of nature Henna Cream and Bold Colours

Aside from the Permanent Hair Color, tints of nature has a wide range of Henna Cream semi-permanent and "bold colours".

tints of nature henna cream is available in 9 rich shades free from PPD/ PTD, ammonia and resorcinol.

tints of nature products
tints of nature products: Henna Cream or semi-permanent, Permanent and Bold Colours

With tints of nature bold colors you can transform your hair into a technicolored dream, without damage.

tints of nature BOLD
Make sure to use the lightening kit before applying tints of nature BOLD

tints of nature BOLD
tints of nature BOLD

tints of nature products and prices:
2N-5N, 6C, 8C retails at P939 each
Bold available in blue, pasteliser, pink, purple, teal at P850 each
Henna Cream Burgundy, Light Brown retails at P775 per box
Conditioner Hydrate at P395
Shampoo Hydrate at P395
Lightening Kit P1095
Treatment Hydrate P995
Treatment Scalp P835
Treatment Structure P835
tints of nature hair color is available at Healthy Options.

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China December 2019

I love my new hair color but I might use a higher shade like 6C or 8N. tints of nature did a good job covering my grey hair too. Knowing it's made with organic and naturally-derived ingredients, I'm confident that it's safe and effective. It's also easy to apply and I can do it at home, anytime I want. Have you tried tints of nature?  I would love to know your experience, share it on the comment section.


  1. Omg I love it para tuloy gusto ko magpakulay miss Marj..

    1. Yay! Go ahead try #TinsOfNature. You can get it at #HealthyOptionsPh :)


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