Do One Thing Each Day That Will Save Water

Several years ago, I was sent to a small village in Nueva Vizcaya for a medical mission. I stayed with my foster parents, a barangay kagawad with his wife and kids. It was a small house made of bamboo and nipa, without home appliances, just a small radio where the family listened to music and got news. Our comfort room was located about 50meters away and it’s made of nipa, and the traditional squat toilet. We got water from the deep well, fetch and bring it to the toilet when we need to use the bathroom. It was a life out of my comfort zone but I never regret living with the community in Diadi. The experience changed my perspective in life. I learned to be more grateful for the things I have.

Do One Thing Each Day That Will Save Water
Do One Thing Each Day That Will Save Water 

Without water.. 

Earth’s surface consists of 70% water, 3% of it is freshwater that humans can use. Sadly, there are still millions of people around the globe who do not have access to safe water. There may be water but it’s polluted and not safe for us to use. Yet, people who have access to clean water take it for granted.

My recent visit to ​Angat Dam​ showed us the real situation of our water supply and the reasons why we experienced daily ​water service interruptions​. Incidentally, Maynilad was able to suspend these daily service interruptions recently after the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) increased raw water allocation from Angat Dam for Metro Manila and nearby provinces to 46 cubic meters per second (cms) - higher than the previous 42 cms but still short of the usual 48 cms. This increase in allocation was done to help stop the spread of COVID-19, since people need more water for sanitation.

Ipo Dam
Ipo Dam
Although this is the case now, we should still remember to make efforts to conserve water. The water elevation in Angat Dam will remain low or may become lower in the next few days, with NWRB releasing more water and there being no rain to replenish the dam. When I say rainfall, it should happen within the Angat watershed and not elsewhere in Metro Manila. We are praying for rain to increase the water level in Angat Dam while Maynilad is making more efforts to continuously provide water supply to their consumers.

What causes water scarcity?​ There are several reasons or causes of water shortage. Water pollution, drought, climate change, distance and even governmental access are just some of them. Of course, there are also consequences or ​effects for the lack of water supply​. First, we will not have access to safe drinking water. With lack of clean drinking water there will be diseases or sickness, and problems in sanitation. That being said, we can do our part to save water. Each day, we can do something to conserve water. We can start it in our household.

Ways on how we can take care of our water resources and prevent Water Pollution

1. Properly dispose of garbage. Practice segregation.
2. Clean and maintain septic systems regularly. Maynilad offers septic tank cleaning (desludging) services to its domestic, unsewered customers at no extra cost every five to seven years. We just had our septic tank cleaned a few months ago for free.
3. Check for water leakage and report it.
4. Avoid using pesticide and chemicals at home and in the garden. I grow edible plants at home without using pesticide and chemicals. Sure, you can also do it! Growing your own food is great knowing that you’re eating safe and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. You can start growing vegetables in containers. If you want to know how to start container gardening, read my article about urban gardening and its benefits.

We need water to grow food. Without it, there will be food scarcity. Sharing this video about growing vegetables in small containers.

5. Educate and raise awareness on water shortage within your community. You can start with your neighborhood. I share tips on how to conserve water in the garden. Water used in washing fruits, vegetables and rice (hugas-bigas) can be used in watering the plants. It’s even good for the plants, they will grow bigger and healthier.
6. Raise awareness about water safety and water pollution.
7. Avoid the use of single-use plastic bags
8. Recycle and reuse. We don’t want those plastic bags, utensils etc in our rivers and ocean. Not only that they are toxic and kill fish and other marine creatures, these plastics will stick
around indefinitely.

Save water, save lives!
Save water, save lives!

Together, we can help find a solution or lessen the impact caused by water shortage. Now is the time to save every single drop of water. Save water, save the future.


  1. Great to know na may ginagawa talaga ang Maynilad to sustain our water needs . Sana tayo din may gawin.
    Wastage of water must be avoided. We can save water by using the resource carefully. We must save water in whatever way we can example of them is wag hayaang naka bukas ang gripo habang nag to-toothbrush gumamit ng baso. In this little act can make a big difference .. Save Water Water is life..

  2. as a consumers dapat gawin din natin mga obligations natin para maka tulong sa pag paparami ng ating katubigan isa na dito ang pag pagtitipid gaya ng pag tayo naglalaba ipunin ang pinagbanlawan pwede pa itong pandilig ng halaman at panbuhos sa cr natin.


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