Stay Home, Busy and Calm During Community Quarantine

This maybe the most challenging days of our lives. Some of you might have friend or family member undergoing quarantine due to possible exposure to the virus. Some might be experiencing the signs and symptoms of COVID19 right now. A lot of us are afraid and worried that we might also get infected. It's almost a week now since the government implemented the Enhanced Community Quarantine. I wonder how are you coping with this sudden change. We are advised to stay home to prevent the spread of COVID19. I agree and support their effort in the fight against corona virus. This way we can help #FlattenTheCurve so healthcare system are not overload.

Keep Yourself Busy and Calm During "Lockdown"

Sometimes, I can't help but feel anxious and afraid every time I would see "Breaking News" on my news feed. Reading the news about the mortality and the increasing number of people infected with corona virus can also cause anxiety. Don't let your fear consume us. Keeping ourselves busy everyday help alleviate anxiety. We should also not forget that our spirits need nourishment as well.

Practical Ways to Stay Productive while we are on Lockdown:

Meditation by Studying the Word of God

Studying the Word of God
Studying the Word of God

I have more time to study the word of God. Reading the bible is the first thing I do in the morning while I drink a warm glass of water.

I miss our "physical" group bible studies and church services but thankful for technology we can listen to sermon series online. Our life group also conducted bible study with messenger. We sing, read the scripture and share our thoughts to the group. It feels good knowing there's someone you can talk to. But if you're alone, remember that you can always count on Jesus. He loves us so much and He's just waiting for you. I invite you to visit our page and join us, you can access sermon series with links to worship songs thru the Grace Christian Church page.

Gardening is Therapeutic

Has anyone told you that gardening is beneficial to health? Growing plants is calming and relaxing. It makes me happy to see that they grow each they. Harvesting vegetable is fulfilling and sharing them to others gives joy.

Growing plants from seeds
Growing plants from seeds

Tomato Seedling
Tomato Seedling

If you're a newbie gardener, you can start growing mustard, lettuce, arugula, tomato and eggplant. Small space at home wouldn't be a problem, you can grow plants in containers like what I do. You can also use seeds from kitchen scraps like ripe tomato, seeds from chili, propagate kangkong from cuttings. Growing vegetables at home can help prevent food scarcity during lockdown.

Home Organization

When was the last time you declutter your closet or the kitchen cabinet? Maybe it's time to donate those old clothes, properly dispose single use plastic food containers sitting inside the oven. This could be the perfect time to inspect the pantry.

Home organization doesn't have to be done in one day. What I usually do is to set a schedule. Clean and organize after work for two hours, one area at a time so it won't be overwhelming and tiring.

Finish that Project..

I have a crochet project that I haven't finished yet. I was trying to make a coaster and bonnet. Crocheting could be good for the hands but just make sure to take a rest in between. This hobby is perfect while having an afternoon tea in your veranda. You can also make fun activities like we're under Community Quarantine, you crochet while the kids do some art works. We can also learn how to sew and you can find online sewing courses or tutorials for free.

Crochet Tools
Crochet Tools

About three years ago, someone sold her accessory making set to me. The boxes were kept in our stock room since then. I plan to start making beaded bracelet and necklaces during rest break from home office.

Learn to Cook

During this difficult time, most restaurants are closed for dine-in. However, there are still a number of shops that offer food and grocery delivery. During quarantine, we have our parents and loved ones at home to guide us and teach us how to cook. If you're alone, you can either look for magazines at home with recipes in it or watch cooking video tutorials. Don't forget to tag and share what you cook for the first time. I know you can make it so start now.

As for me, I'm trying to learn about juicing. If you have juicing recipes, please share I would like to try.

Juicing for health and wellness
Juicing for health and wellness

Exercise Everday!

Because we're limited to the four corners of our house, make sure that you still get sunshine and fresh air. Turn off the air conditioning system and open the windows for fresh air. Do regular exercise like stretching or yoga. Deep breathing exercises are good in fighting respiratory illness. Doing household chores can be a form of exercise.

It is normal to feel anxious and scared during this difficult time. We should do things that will help us maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit. Finally, keep in mind that amidst COVID19, there's a big God who's in control. We should maintain our focus in Him.


  1. naku Ms Marj i feel anxious most of the time kaya lately nagtry ako magtiktok haha joke
    Busy sa kakalinis bahay, ung gabundok na labahan eh gabundok padin but mga titiklopin nalang hehe dami time maglaba kasi. Therapeutic talaga ang gardening, kinakausap ko ko din plants sa bahay. Sana lang tlaga makapag tanim lalo iniisip kp space for tomatoes etc. Sa juicing naman, panay shake lang kami kami ng diff fruits pang boost immune system. Keep safe kayo Ms Marj.

  2. I love your urban garden! We mostly have flowering and ornamental plants, although we have a calamansi, balimbing, and kamias tree. Would recommend growing vegetables to my Mom din! :)

    Take care and stay healthy, Marj!


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