Stay at Home! Shop and Pay Bills With GCASH

This corona virus is causing panic and fear to many of us. We're afraid of our own health and for our loved ones. How long will social distancing last? COVID19 is a highly contagious disease caused by novel corona virus or SARS-CoV-2. The virus started in Wuhan, China in December 2019 and spread in different countries in three months. As of this writing, the Philippines has more than 700 cases and 33 deaths, with thousands under monitoring and investigation. Luzon was placed in Enhanced Community Lockdown since last week to prevent further spread of virus and help flatten the curve.

Stay at Home! Shop and Pay Bills With GCASH
Stay at Home! Shop and Pay Bills With GCASH

At the moment, there's no cure or vaccine for corona virus. We can only prevent the spread of virus. Hand washing with soap is the easiest way to kill the virus, second is following social distancing. We can only do the proper social distancing if we stay at home to prevent getting COVID19 and spreading it if you're a an unknown carrier.

It's the 10th day of the lockdown in Manila. School, work even small gatherings are prohibited. I did my grocery shopping a few days before the lockdown so that I won't have to go out. However, I know that I might still have to go out for fresh produce like vegetables and fish. Good thing, I can shop online, pay the bills through the GCash app. I also need to send money for mom.

Covid19 Lockdown
Lockdown to avoid the spread of COVID19

GCash app is easy and very convenient to use. To pay bills using GCash, follow this simple steps.

1. Simply open the app. Choose "Pay Bills"
2. Choose Biller Category from electric, water, cable or internet, telecoms utilities. You can also pay government utilities such as BIR, DFA, NBI, Pag IBIG, and NSO Helpline Plus. Insurance and healthcare can be settled using the GCash app.
3. Choose what you need to pay. For example, internet. I usually pay Sky Broadband.
4. Type the Account Reference Number found on your bill, the amount, and your email address.
5. Click next and review your payment details.

Pay with GCash
GCash App
You will receive a notification via email and text/SMS with GCash notice of payment. That's it, there's no need to go out to pay the bills especially during the lockdown/community quarantine. Remember, health is our top priority. Why go out and put yourself or your loved ones at risk for COVID19 when you can pay the bills and even shop using the GCash app.

Shop and Pay Bills With GCASH
Shop and Pay Bills With GCASH

Biller Categories on GCash

If you haven't tried GCash, now is the best time to experience the convenience of electronic payment. Download GCash on:

I have long been using GCash to settle my bills, online payments and other transactions, and so I know its advantages. I convinced my family and friends to download the GCash app. It’s available across networks, so virtually anyone with a smartphone can use it.


  1. yes gcash user din ako miss marj ito lahat ginagamit ko pambayad ng groceries and bills hassle free talaga siya.


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