OPPO, Affordable Smartphone for Homeschooling, Available on Shopee

June is one of the busiest months for most of us. In the Philippines, it's the opening of the school year. Parents, teachers and students are excited preparing for the opening of school. Sadly, this year will be exceptional. Due to pandemic, there will be no face-to-face classes while we are still waiting for the vaccine against Covid-19. The Department of Education will be providing study materials that students can work on while staying at home. Some parents are also getting ready for homeschooling and online study. So how are you going to move from the usual classroom setting to homeschooling? What are the things  you need to when studying online?

Cheap Smartphone For Homeschooling
Cheap Smartphone For Homeschooling, available on Shopee

Aside from the printed study materials, parents are also looking for an affordable device such as an smartphone that children can use for online classes. I have an incoming grade 9 and 10 nephews and niece. Amidst the crisis we are facing, you can see how excited they are with the start of the school year. I am helping their mom, my sister find cheap smartphone on Shopee for kids' homeschooling needs.

OPPO on Shopee

Searching online, I found an affordable yet good quality phone on Shopee. The OPPO A5s Smartphone is on sale at Shopee Mall for only P5,990 from its original price of P6,990. There's OPPO Reno 3, the newest model that has an amazing features such as ultra steady video 2.0 and 48MP quad camera.

For my niece and nephew's online classes, a cheaper one will do. I'm glad that Shopee has lowest price guaranteed with minimal delivery charge. There are many payment options as well like so customers without credit card can still avail. 

OPPO A5s for Homeschooling Kids

The OPPO A5s has a refreshing design, with 32GB ROM and 4230mah Battery. It's a budget smartphone that can be used by the students for their homeschooling and online classes. With OPPO smartphone, students can listen or attend webinars, download assignments, check emails and even work on their research/projects or assignments.

Get ready with your homeschooling with the OPPO A5s for only Php5,990 at Shopee. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping at home by downloading the Shopee mobile app for free from the App Store or Google Play.


  1. Omg oppo phone ipon muna miss marj need to replace my old phone na lagi nv tinutupak

    1. Oo nga. we need a smartphone especially during this time of crisis. Kailangan lagi tayo connected sa ating mahal sa buhay.


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