Hana Tajima, My Favorite Pieces From Uniqlo's F/W Collection

Clothes that make my life easier but always on style and easy to mix and match and easy to combine layer are my top choices. Although I love wearing dress, I have shirts, pants and jeans too which I love to wear when running errands. One of the clothing brands I go to when it comes to comfort and style is Uniqlo. The brand offers pieces that suits to my needs and style. For example, Uniqlo's Winter clothes are truly reliable in protecting you from the freezing weather in cold and winter season. Check out my posts on winter clothes in Beijing here.

Uniqlo Winter Fall 2020

I watched the launched on Uniqlo's Winter Fall Collection for 2020 on their YouTube channel a week ago and one of the designs I like to try are from international designer, Hana Tajima. Here are some of her collection for Uniqlo.


Hana Tajima for Uniqlo was created by New York-based fashion designer Hana Tajima, a believer in UNIQLO and its LifeWear concept. The collection expresses the world’s rich cultural diversity featuring universal designs with a focus on detail and comfort - highlighting elegant forms and an easy fit. These are clothes that adapt flexibly to women’s bodies as they subtly change with progression to each life stage, warmly supporting the everyday lives of all women.

Printed Long Sleeve Blouse Uniqlo

Hana Tajima and Uniqlo highlight clothes that provides ultimate comfort and style for women. The Fall/Winter 2020 collection expresses the beauty of independent women through silhouettes and details, with an offer to help women also change inside.

Hana Tajima Uniqlo

Textiles with leaf and grass patterns, and neutral tones of cold and warm colors schemes emphasize subtle beauty. Along with many shirt items, the lineup also incorporates details that allow outfits to reflect the mood of the day, such as tops that can be styled with just one side of the hem tucked in. Pants have also been updated with adjustable waists for a perfect fit. The collection features details that can be altered to fit the daily changes in women’s bodies and feelings.

UNIQLO 20FW Hana Tajima

I love these pieces showcased on the last photo. It can be worn with a skirt, straight cut pants or jeans. Watch the launch here and find out Uniqlo pieces that suits your style.


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