My Must-Have Medical Devices For Home Use

The novel coronavirus has changed our lives. From what used to be a busy day, we experienced the longest time of being confined at home. Lifestyle and priorities have changed, even the way and what we shop for has changed.

My Must-Have Medical Gadgets For Home Use

Ever since the coronavirus surfaced in the news, I decided to follow updates from different parts of the globe. Some of you know that I came from a vacation in Beijing in December and it's just normal to feel scared about it. I memorized the signs and symptoms of Covid-19 so that I can educate my family about this deadly virus. For your information, some of the symptoms of coronavirus includes fever, body pains, cough, colds, and loss of smell and taste. Other patients reported or had diarrhea. Since there's no available treatment yet for Covid-19, what we can only do is to prevent getting the virus by frequent hand washing, social distancing, and wearing of face masks.

It's been six months since the lockdown. How’s our life during a pandemic? As for me, I take it one day at a time. We try living a healthy lifestyle by eating more vegetables and fruits. We also educate ourselves about the novel coronavirus, trying to be equipped in case one of us will experience any symptoms. Here are the things we do and prepare for.

Home Gardening: Enough Food Supply During Pandemic 

At home, I have a small space where I grow herbs and vegetables. Herbs that give flavor in any kind of dish such as oregano, mint and basil. I used them in making infused water as well. During the lockdown, there was scarcity in vegetables and fruits, thankfully we enjoyed newly harvested pechay and eggplants from the garden. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is good for the health and boosts the immune system.

Aside from eating fresh fruits and veggie, we make sure to take our supplements such as vitamin C with zinc. It is also important to get enough rest and sleep as well. We also do fifteen to thirty minute exercises at least three times a week. Sometimes, I do aerobics. My favorite form of exercise though is tending the garden - moving pots, carrying sacks of soil and removing weeds. Gardening is therapeutic.

Must-Have Healthcare Gadget For Home Use

Patients with severe Covid-19 may experience difficulty breathing. People who will experience DOB should be brought to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment. With Covid-19, one thing that we should look closely at are symptoms of pneumonia. It includes cough and high fever. At the hospital, the patient's oxygen level in the blood is being monitored using a Pulse Oximeter.

Pulse Oximeter Use

Pulse Oximeter is a clip-o, non-invasive and an easy to use device that you can attach/clip to your finger. The normal blood oxygen level is between 95-100 percent.

When I saw affordable Pulse Oximeter in Shopee, I decided to give it a try. I got this Pulse Oximeter for only Php350 or $7 on sale (original price is Php4,655). Of course, it is best to get one that is branded and more reliable. You can check at the nearest pharmacy or medical supplier for this.

blood pressure apparatus

Another medical gadget must-have for home use is a blood pressure apparatus or Aneroid Sphygmomanometer. I remember I bought my BP app at Php500 or $10 from one of the medical conferences I attended a few years ago. It's very useful especially if you have seniors and family members with hypertension. Their blood pressure need to be measured especially if they are taking medication.

Digital Thermometer is one of the must-have healthcare or medical gadgets we should have at home. Now we use a digital thermometer. Make sure to disinfect it with 70% isopropyl alcohol before and after each use.

Digital Thermometer

If you have a family member with diabetes, I also recommend getting a Blood Sugar Monitoring kit with lancets. My uncle has one and he monitors his blood test every morning.

There you go, my must-have medical gadgets for home use. These healthcare gadgets are available in pharmacies such as Mercury Drug and in some health/beauty shops like Watsons. However, you can also get cheap medical supplies in Bambang, Metro Manila.


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