Nutri-Sarap Meals with Knorr

After months of thinking, I've finally decided to get the Covid-19 vaccine. We left Quezon City at 9:30AM going to BGC Parkade Three where I will be receiving my first dose of Moderna vaccine. Thankfully, there's no traffic and we arrived ten minutes before the scheduled time. The procedure went well, fast and lasted only thirty minutes. Next thing we did was to find a restaurant for lunch but realized it's still MECQ so dine-in is not yet allowed. I'm already starving so we grab something from Salad Stop instead.

Knorr Original Liquid Seasoning
Knorr makes dishes more flavorful

The injection site was painful and I could hardly move my left arm. I also felt fatigue and wanted something comforting to eat. With the help of my husband, I cooked tasty Chicken Tinola. This meal is very easy to prepare, the ingredients include green papaya or chayote, malunggay leaves, chopped ginger, garlic, onion and chicken. To make the dish tastier, I add Knorr Broth Cube. Our dinner was ready in less than an hour. For dessert, we had guyabano and local grapes.


Aside from tinola, sinigang is also another favorite. To make sinigang more flavorful, I use Knorr Original Sampaloc Mix, add more veggies such as eggplant, okra, sitao and upland kangkong. Sinigang and Tinola are comfort food, best served during the cold weather and rainy days.

Did you know that Knorr Pork and Beef Broth Cubes have iron, and the Sinigang sa Sampaloc Original mix has #Vitamins C? That's good news right? 

Knorr Products Must-Haves
Knorr Products you should have at home

Knorr Soups
Knorr soups - Cream of Pumpkin, Cream of Mushroom and Shrimp Bisque

Knorr Hot Meals Beef Goto Mix
Knorr Hot Meals Beef Goto Mix

Knorr Nutri-Sarap Nutrition Program

Knorr Philippines has launched the Nutri-Sarap Nutrition Program, an enhanced campaign that highlights the importance of nutrition in ensuring a brighter future for our kids. Find out more by visiting their website or watch it here.

Which Knorr products do you always use?

During the days that I'm not feeling well or too busy to cook a complicated dish, I simply go for an old-fashioned mushroom soup. I'm glad Knorr has added new variants - the cream of pumpkin and shrimp bisque. I'm sure you're also excited like me to try these new products from Knorr, iba talaga kapag #LakiSaKnorr! Share your thoughts and recipes using the Knorr products, I would love to try them.


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