Learning Session at the Alagang Alaska Nutri-Talks

If there's one person we can easily confide with, there's no other than our moms. They are our confidante, our friend, and adviser. I thought back to every experience that helped me mold the person I am today. Thanks for the love and care our moms have provided us. Because of the pandemic, our moms had to wear different hats as a parent, friend, educator, cook, nurse and even nutritionist. 

In the recent virtual event I attended hosted by Alaska Milk, I learned from the guests moms how they handle everything including frustrations during the pandemic.

Nutrition plays a big role in the growth and development of a child which is why Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink launched its “Super Sulit Pack” available in 300grams for only P70 to help make nutrition more affordable amidst the pandemic.

During the virtual launch event for Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink “Super Sulit Pack,” celebrity mom Rica Peralejo shared her concerns and personal experiences in providing nourishment to her children.

“The pandemic has made it harder to plan meals for the family. It's difficult because your movements are limited and you can't go out freely to buy groceries personally and think of nutritious food pairings that your kids will like,” Rica said. “It takes a whole lot of creativity to actually make nutritious foods appetizing to kids,” she answered when asked about how she changed her children's eating habits. “It's all about variety at the end of the day. Children want to taste and experience different things, which is challenging for moms. Before, we could go out and eat at places that offer a variety of nutritious foods, but now you have to do it yourself at home...You have to consider things like plating, the set-up of your dining area, just so it would be a different kind of experience from day-to-day.”

Rica also shared her experience in encouraging her children to drink milk. “Actually, milk is one of the easiest things to give to our kids…Sometimes it’s overwhelming for moms to think about what nutrients we can add to our children’s diets, so thankfully we already have milk drinks with the additional nutrients that our kids need. Milk is honestly a godsend for me and for moms because of its affordability, nutrition value, and of course, its kid-approved taste,” she said.

Nutritionist and dietitian, Reginna Emiliene Lat, RND, also joined the virtual launch event to share her experiences in providing nutritional advice to low-income families, which became even more challenging during the pandemic.

“Families are experiencing job loss during the pandemic, with some not having sufficient income to provide proper nutrition for their children,” she mentioned. “But despite these challenges, moms are not ones to compromise on health and are devoted to ensuring that their children get the nutrition they need.”

“So with a few tweaks to their diet like adding fruits and vegetables to their food to ensure balance and variety to their meals, and including nutritional supplements and nutrient-dense drinks, they can make sure that their family can get the nutrients they need while staying within their budget,” Reginna said.

While children are still in their early stages of development, proper nutrition is essential in keeping them healthy and building the foundation for their future. Which is why Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink remains committed to nourishing Filipino families and helping children grow with “Lakas at Talas.”

Containing protein, calcium, vitamin C and vitamin D for “Lakas” (strength) which helps with body development, and choline, iron and iodine for “Talas” (sharpness) which helps with brain development, Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink is a delicious drink that kids can enjoy every morning, paired with a healthy and balanced breakfast. Moms and media attendees share a toast of Alaska Fortified Milk to show their commitment to affordable nutrition.

“We know that Filipino moms are faced with the challenge of providing nutrition for their families within their limited budget. They have a lot of things to consider and prioritize, and they make these decisions every day. True to Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink’s mission and purpose of bringing affordable nutrition to Filipinos, we are here to answer to every Filipino mom’s need with our most affordable milk pack yet – the 300g ‘Super Sulit Pack’ for only PHP 70 – to help give their children the added nutrients they need and foster the ‘alaga’ they deserve,” said Mark Henry Camacho, Brand Manager of Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink.

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Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink 300g “Super Sulit Pack” is now available until December 2021 in Shopee, Lazada, leading supermarkets, grocery stores nationwide. For more information on Alaska Fortified Powdered Milk Drink, visit www.alaskamilk.com and their FB Page here.

Because I love baking, I see to it that I have Alaska milk in my pantry. Alaska powdered milk can be used in making pandesal while the Alaska milk evaporated and condensed milk for many desserts and dishes.


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