Create Healthy Recipes with Quaker Oats

A bowl of oats every morning provides valuable nutrients our body needs. Oats are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is also a good source of protein. Today, let me share with you healthy recipes using Quaker Oats.

I'm sure you've heard about overnight oats. It's an easy to make, healthy snack anytime of the day. Every afternoon, I tried to make one for midnight snacks. It's so easy, you just have to scoop 1-2 tablespoons of rolled oats, 1 teaspoon of honey, sliced banana, strawberries or whatever fruits in season. Add more oats and milk according to your liking. Then add milk and refrigerate. I haven't tried avocado in oats yet. Overnight oats are filling but won't leave you feeling bloated.

My favorite use of oats is adding it in making homemade multi-grain bread. Have you seen my reels making multi-grain bread? You can watch it here.

Quaker Kitchen Cook-Off with Luis and Solenn

A few days ago, Quaker Oats hosted a brunch to feature the many benefits of eating Quaker Oats. Brand ambassadors, Luis Manzano and Solenn Heusaff showed us how to create healthy meals with Quaker Oats. Guests including myself enjoyed creating yogurt with oats and fruits.

It was a fun-filled day at Enderun, learning new recipes for Quaker Oats. Until then, stay safe and healthy! 


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