Eco-Friendly Wellness and Beauty Gifts You Can Get at Watsons

The effects of global warming are expected to be far-reaching and, in many cases, devastating. Plastic pollution and proper waste disposal are just some of the many growing environmental concerns today. We can do something, even in our own little ways help save the planet. 

Eco-Friendly Wellness and Beauty Gifts from Watsons
Watsons Sustainability - Reduce, Reuse and Clean Beauty

In several blog posts, I've shared my love for organic farming. You don't have to own a big land to start farming, even with limited space and using recyclable materials you can grow your own food at home. I use plastic milk tea cups in growing seedlings. I also make compost from kitchen scraps. You can easily find recycling ideas on the web or attend talks about sustainability. 


In a recent event hosted by Watsons, keynote speaker, environment advocate, and philanthropist Brian Poe Llamanzares, shared insights about sustainability.

Resource speakers talk about its role as a responsible retailer and how important it is for consumers to make more sustainable choices. Watsons practices the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). Zyra Tinio, Watsons Senior Category Manager for Beauty, talked about giving customers access to Sustainable Choices products. There was an open panel discussion with P&G, Unilever, and a Watsons Club member on sustainability. The two multinational companies gave updates on how their sustainability efforts are going at this point.

“When shopping for Christmas gifts, we hope our customers consider the planet and choose sustainability. Watsons is glad to offer them eco-friendly products, which are sustainable from the materials and the manufacturing process, to the packaging, and ultimately to the disposal of the product,” said Viki Encarnacion, Watsons PR and Sustainability.

Give More Smiles This Christmas with eco-friendly wellness and beauty gifts from Watsons

Watsons kicks off the most wonderful time of the year and the longest season in the Philippines - Christmas - by reaffirming its commitment to provide customers with sustainable health, wellness, and beauty products.

Watsons Reduce Reuse Campaign

Unilever Sustainable Packaging
Unilever Sustainable Packaging

Pond's Age MiracleWatsons Better Packaging

To help the public with choosing sustainable products to give as holiday gifts and bring with them on vacations, Watsons is holding a sustainable holiday gifting event from November 15-20 at The Podium. The event spotlights Watsons Sustainable Choices, the retailers’ selection of products that are safe and nourishing for the skin and free from harmful ingredients that could harm you and the planet; those that can be refilled so plastic waste is reduced; those that contain ethically sourced and sustainably processed ingredients; and have better and more eco-friendly packaging.

Issa Litton
Ms. Issa Litton in a lovely gold dress

Dessert station
Dessert station during the event

The event will help make shopping for holiday gifts more fun and sustainable, from the gift itself to the packaging as Watsons asks its customers to “Give More Smiles This Christmas.” For the event, Watsons supplier-partners will showcase their most sustainable and practical products. The brands that will showcase their Sustainable Choices products during the event are Watsons, Quick FX, Garnier, L’Oreal, Aveeno, Neutrogena, Palmolive, Herbal Essences, Dove, Bioten, St. Ives, Zenutrients and Curls, Moringana, Gluta C, The Body Shop, and Sekaya.

Watsons Smiles This Christmas
Watsons Give More Smiles This Christmas event at the Podium

During the event, shoppers can also get Watsons Do Good canvas bags, which they can decorate with different accents. The bags are free with purchase. There will be suggestions for stocking stuffers and gift sets from brands like Fresh and Pretty Secret. Shop for Php12,000 and get a free luggage during the event. If you shop for Php10,000, you will receive a free bear or mermaid stuffed toy! Share the joy of the season and Give More Smiles This Christmas. For the best wellness and beauty gifts, Sa Watsons Ako! To find out more about Watsons Sustainable Choices products, visit this link here.

There will also be an information wall in the Watsons activation in The Podium so shoppers could see how they could effectively Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to help mitigate the effects of consumerism on the planet and its resources.


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