Move in to Your Dream Home with Metrobank + mWell Launches mWellMD app

Even if you have sufficient funds to buy a house, a home loan offers benefits such as saving tax, ensuring enough liquidity and opportunity to let your funds grow. As you start on your big property investment this year, Metrobank gives you one less thing to worry about!

Metrobank Home Loan
Metrobank Home Loan

I think one of the advantages of home loan is that banks exercise strict due diligence before financing a project, something that reduces your risk to a great level. They verify the project-related documents, its title and legal clearances before approving a loan on it. So, when you take a home loan from the bank that has already approved the project, it becomes safer than an unapproved project.

METROBANK Free Appraisal Fee
METROBANK Free Appraisal Fee

Metrobank is making the Php5,500 appraisal fee FREE for Metrobank Home Loan borrowers who will submit their complete application today until March 31, 2023. With this, Metrobank helps you on the first step to move in to your dream home “We keep on seeking meaningful ways to help our clients achieve their goals. By waiving our appraisal fee, they have one less thing to worry about as they build their dream house,” said Ramon Jaime Del Rosario, Metrobank SVP and Consumer Business Sector Head.

Apply for your home loan now at the nearest Metrobank Branch or through the Metrobank website, Metrobank is the country’s second largest private universal bank with an extensive consolidated network that spans over 2,300 ATMs nationwide, over 940 domestic branches, and above 30 foreign branches, subsidiaries, and representative offices.

mWell Launches mWellMD app

Metro Pacific Investments Corporation’s (MPIC) mWell, the Philippines’ first fully integrated health and wellness app, empowers partner-doctors to go fully digital with the new mWellMD app - a virtual clinic designed by doctors, for doctors.

mWell app
mWell app allows doctors to easily manage work schedules

The mWellMD app allows doctors to easily manage work schedules alongside patient data. Built with the doctor experience in mind, mWellMD gives them a seamless experience from sign-up to consultation, attending to patient needs anytime, anywhere24/7.

Clinic operations made convenient

The mWellMD app is loaded with management features for doctors. This includes accessing patient data, billings, referrals to other doctors, and professional fees. All of these features and data are accessible with just a click of a button.They also have an efficient appointment booking system, connecting them with patients using the mWell app. Soon, enhanced features and a wider range of tools will be made available for doctors via mWellMD Advanced.

Designed by doctors for doctors

To guarantee a seamless experience from sign-up to consultation, doctors were engaged to test the platform, making sure that the whole application is intuitive and user-friendly.

“The best healthcare platform should involve the growing needs of doctors and the health industry,” says mWell Chief Technology Officer Dr. Mike Muin. “We are going beyond telemedicine – we are building solutions for doctors to make their practices and their lives better.” As a medical doctor with over twenty years of healthcare IT experience, he says doctors like him will always look for better solutions to respond to constant challenges in healthcare.

Doctors as VIP: Round-the-clock operations and tech support

mWell is committed to providing partner-doctors the assistance they need to grow their practice. Doctors have access to 24/7 tech support, responding to their questions at the soonest possible time. mWell also has an operations team, giving regular updates and training sessions to doctors, ensuring that they have a smooth experience on the mWellMD platform.

mWellMD also follows global security standards to ensure the security and protection of all Personal Information belonging to both the doctors and patients within the system. This is supported by a holistic cybersecurity strategy and framework that can intercept all cyber threats, backed by the best technology and cybersecurity experts.

Easy sign-up

Family doctors, specialists, and mental health experts can reach more patients by signing up as mWell partner-doctor via Doctors may register in as fast as 30 minutes via No joining fees. Only PRC ID is required.They get 100% of their professional fee without any commission from mWell - no deductions.

To ensure smooth virtual practice, mWell is also offering partner doctors an exclusive high-speed internet plan from PLDT Home Fibr: 100mbps for only P1499. The mWellMD app for doctors is now available on Google Play Store and Apple App store. To consult with partner-doctors and access a wide range of wellness features, simply download the mWell PH app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and register. 


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